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The existence of the law of the end of prophecy does not tolerate disbelief. Its malice is evident from the first day. He is a nerd and does not miss any opportunity for riots. Everyone is protecting it to the best of their ability and infidelity is attacking it as much as possible. Some national elements are also on the foreign agenda. The sincerity of some is visible. Some made it the centre of politics. Some used it to prolong power. Some did remarkable work to ensure its safety. Some used it as a means to divide the nation under the guise of emotions. Some paid the price with their blood. Some ridiculed the sacrifice of lives. Some have limited this topic to discussions. Some fought in the houses and defended it. "
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Pakistanis born in the ‘80s or earlier can never forget this day. Every Pakistani was excited and everyone was happy....
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Although the epidemic has shaken most of human civilization, the threat posed by global warming remains. The average temperature on...
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