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1.      Top 5 ways to boost your community over article.pk

Though article.pk makes earning easier for all, we still need a particular type of tips and tricks to increase our income. In our digital world, there are almost all types of information available on google. With this belief, many people use the internet rather than struggling for physical mediums.

So, to leverage this opportunity, increase your followers and paid views with some of the most trending strategies. Today here in this piece of writing, we will go through some of the best strategies to help you gain thousands of followers. Let's uncover it;

·         Write daily

To keep your community engaged, you are supposed to write daily either one article or many. In this way, you can let them realize that you are available for them all the time. Also, when you would be getting multiple queries and replying to them all, it would be a golden chance of winning more followers. Therefore, write daily and keep your article.pk presence active and engaging.

·         Write on trends

Though writing daily brings about many followers and paid views. But it's also about the type of writing you are doing. For example, suppose you are writing on your fav topics, and the audience does not likely read them as they were not interested. So, it is necessary to write on trends to make your readers involved in your writing for a longer time span. Trends could be either controversial or non-controversial. But most of the time, controversial topics generate more traffic than non-controversial ones as they become hot cakes of discourse.

·         Follow an SEO pattern

Writing on article.pk is not enough to make enough income or generate the ultimate audience. Article.pk is a broader website that deals with millions of people and categories. Therefore, you are supposed to make your article competitive enough to rank on the home page and search results to generate a higher volume of traffic. This could be only possible if you are adopting best SEO practices. Being a writer, I know a writer could only be a writer, but having some basic knowledge of keyword research, meta description, the meta title is always necessary. It would help you rank your article on the home page of article.pk and in google search results.

·         Write on all categories

So now you are following all of the above things, then what is missing? Yes, this is your capability of readers approach. Readers are not bounded to read articles of one category only. Today they would be reading tech; on the next day, they might like to visit the health category. So, make your content creation capabilities strong enough to cater for all categories.

To make it simpler for you, let's look at an example;

Suppose you are writing overall categories. Now, what if one of your articles is not getting views? Might the article in other categories bring about millions of views for you. So, make it easier for you and create content that is worth it.

·         Follow writers of the month

Writer of the month is a unique bonus criterion from article.pk that motivates our writer's efforts. This reward results in 10 to 20$ every month for all those writers who got selected for it. So, it might be time to enrol yourself on that list. Follow them and see how they are engaging their audience. Keep in mind that learning is the only key to make yourself successful.


2.      Is it a mental jam!!! No worries, have a look at other categories

Writing is more than just fun. It embellishes your thoughts with creativity. You get unlocked to unlimited knowledge when you write and read for new information. This is why we call it the king of the website. But what if you got tired of the same category and the same type of information? No worries, we are here to unearth the simplicities for you.

Facing a mental jam is not an uncommon thing. Many writers start facing headaches, depression and sleeplessness issues when they write for no break weekend. However, it's OK to get involved in your hobby but never lose your creativity by bounding yourself on a single thing.

Article.pk is a more prominent platform that distributes hundreds of enriched knowledge categories that help people learn and earn something. Therefore, have a look at some of the most categories;

·         Lifestyle

Lifestyle is a parent niche that covers a plethora of subcategories that are available on article.pk. Daily, we are adding more categories that fall in lifestyle to make your lifestyle knowledge-based. Also, this category engages more readers than any other. So, to get more audience, you can work on lifestyle.

·         Business

Business is the category that attracts the attention of professionals. As a result, the demand for information in this category is increasing day by day. Thus, you don't need to be worried about reader engagement. Just make your information up to dated and get a lot of audience within few days.

·         Health

Due to the increasing rate of diseases globally, people are now more conscious of health issues. You can take advantage of the hour by representing your knowledge as the best cure for their problems. Health covers a broader term; therefore, make it flooded with whatever you know and earns in lakhs.

·         Tech

Technology is what matters in this era, then what are you waiting for? Tech is a category that covers all aspects of life, from the birth of humans to death. Flourish your profile with branches of technology you know about.

·         Science

Science needs more advancement and innovation even it is occupying the maximum of knowledge. So, share whatever you know about it and make yourself the writing king with all category’s articles.


3.      What do successful writers have in common?

A writer is a man of words who changes the reality of the world into words. The most tangible way of transferring ideas to a community or a nation is writing. But it varies from person to person in different areas. But what makes a writer a successful or good writer? Unfortunately, these are the things that are primarily considered in the wrong way.

People believe that writing a bundle of posts and articles daily makes them a good writers. But, unfortunately, that's not a matter of fact. Writing a lot doesn't mean you are a good writer but your engagement and some characteristics.

So, here are some most common characteristics that one should have to become a successful writer like others;

·         Be a good reader

A writer can’t be a writer if they won't like to read. Information is doesn't come by default in our brains. It demands study and interrogation toward millions of scripts. Thus, if one wants to be a successful and good writer, be a good reader first. You would get a bundle of ideas, writing techniques, and many other things by reading a lot.

·         Clarity of message

Most of the time, when we write, we don't bother if it would be considered for the reader or not. This is why most of the writers fail to achieve the desired reader engagement. Our primary purpose of writing is actually to make people acknowledged new things. So, if it is not considerable for them, then why we are writing?

So, change your myths of writing and focus on the clarity of the message. Here is a simple logic of clarity that keeps yourself in the shoe of the reader. Consider your reader a child of 10 to 14 years and make things easier to understand for that child.

·         Be disciplined

Last but not least is being disciplined. Writing necessitates editing, re-writing, proofreading and drafting. Thus, if you don't want to turn your article back, be disciplined about your writing. First, make a draft, then write. After writing, proofread it and edit the mistakes again repeat the process until it becomes perfectly furnished.


4.      What makes article.pk the best choice of earning for you?

There could be many writing platforms online for writing and publishing your thoughts. But didn't you think so your ideas need some worth? Shouldn't you need to make your efforts fruitful? Would you like to sell your services for free?

One-word replies to the all of above questions would be "NO".  Everyone wants to turn every second of their life earning. Then stop wasting your time on other resources and platforms, visit article.pk and enjoy the hotcakes. Here are some distinctions that make article.pk the best choice;

·         Profile is already monetized for the partner program, no need to fulfil any specific number of followers.

·         On the spot tracking of views and earnings.

·         1% referral earning throughout the life of both.

·         No limit to articles publishing in a day.

·         A handsome payment after thirty days with no terms.

·         A beautiful platform to customize your content by own.

·         A platform to spread your words to millions.

This is not enough; you can enjoy many other perks by writing for article.pk. There are bonuses and rewards, so it's all about worth your efforts.


5.      Lacking interest in writing!! Here are the best tips to motivate you

Do you feel tired and the mind caught in iron chains? No worries, it's the same feeling for all the writers, from beginners to aspiring writers. Writing is not just typing but playing with ideas and focusing on a single topic. Thus, it sometimes becomes a task of head breaking. So how to tackle the issue if you lack interest in writing? Here is how;

To unleash creativity and to maintain your productivity, following these tips would be beneficial;

·         Formulate a space

A space to sit and write does matter; make it your priority. A location with a fresh breeze and scenery unlock tons of ideas. Thus, you can look for one most suitable space in your home. Formulate this space according to your desires, mean of discourse, making it perfect for enjoying the writing. In this way, you would enjoy sitting at that place every day and enjoy the daily writing work.

·         Sorting deadlines

A deadline means the dead and no more seconds to write. Acknowledge the pure meaning of deadline and then portray your ideas. A deadline helps you being efficient toward meeting your goals. So, make your deadlines first, like completing 5 articles this week or two articles. In this way, you can compete with your goals and push yourself motivated to complete the ongoing task.

·         Setting writing capabilities

Setting writing capabilities means a number of words you can write in a day ideally. Writing is not about just completing the words deadline but making it fully tailored for the reader's end. For instance, if you can write two thousand words in a day, don't go beyond limits. If you did it, you would be ruining your creativity as well as burdening your mind.  So, stop blind writing and go for a proper limit.

·         Set a time frame

Writing couldn't be done in any of the time you want. Everybody has their specific productivity timings. So, go with your productivity hours and set a time frame for your writing tasks. Also, bound yourself when that time arrives, stop everything and focus on writing.

·         Don’t be quick

Some beginners think that they are quick enough to write thoroughly and proofread and publish it. But that's not the fact. Actually, no one can be too quick to write and proofread as proofreading demands interest and an in-depth view of things. Therefore, if you want to make your content entirely crafted and error-free, don't be quick, write now and re-read and edit it later when you are mentally fresh.

·         Take a break

Most of the time, a break is considered as leaving writing for few hours and resting. But, no, it's not like that; taking a break means just resign the writing for a week or two weeks if the deadline is more significant. And if the deadline is shorter, then fix a day of the week for outings, games refreshments etc. in this way, taking a break would benefit you by boosting your creativity.


6.      How can I earn money from article.pk?

Earning money has never been more accessible online. Especially for writers, they have to strive hard to find a freelance project and then start writing. But article.pk is revolutionizing the world view of writing and earning. We are offering mutual growth platform for all the writers to publish their content and make earnings.

Here are some earning methods in the article.pk;

·         Creating a profile and publishing articles that make paid views.

·         More views, more money.

·         1% earning from the person's making whom you invited for the lifetime.

·        Initially, we are extending this offer of 5000 PKR as a precautionary measure for committed writers who contribute consistently on a daily basis. However, please note that this offer is exclusively available to individuals demonstrating a high level of commitment, with a minimum requirement of having 1000 articles approved monthly. The termination date of this offer is uncertain, and we cannot guarantee when it will come to an end.