Honor killings, why delay In marriage?

Honor killings, why delay In marriage?

One of the reasons for honor killings is to delay "marriage". He has placed sexual desires in man. These desires are not in the angels. He has placed sexual desires in the Son of Man. There is a desire that man goes to extremes to fulfill his desires and nowadays there are many means of fulfilling sexual desires. We have moved away from Islam. In Islam, it is commanded that you marry your daughter when she is young, but nowadays parents keep their daughters in their homes while looking for good relationships. Parents hide their daughter's age and tell the boys that their daughter's age is low so that there is a relationship. Relationships don't last long. A father loves his daughter very much, fulfills every wish but forgets her youth that now that the daughter is young, now she needs a husband but no, they make the daughter old in the cycle of higher education. It is said that if the finished crop is not harvested in time, then that crop does not become food for human beings but it does become food for animals. This is the example of a young boy or girl. If we do not marry them in time, then they have to contact animals to satisfy their hunger for desires. When the daughter runs away and gets married, we come to the point of killing this lovely daughter. We think that we have brought up our daughter with such pride and pampering. We have our own faults. If we understand the requirements of his youth, the water will not pass through his head.



We have made up the minds of our children that your marriage cannot take place before the age of 32, so what is the result? Boys and girls talk on mobiles all night long. Everybody knows that our wedding is going to be too late, so let's have fun on mobiles. They talk on mobiles in such a way that even the devil is surprised. I do not understand what is happening in our country. I think early marriages are more successful. As girls get older, more problems arise, and the power of compromise weakens within them, as they enter professional life. Their structure becomes such that they fail to adapt to the environment. If you do not give halal food to someone, he will eat haram food. What happens to us is that sir! First get MBBS, become a doctor, get a job, earn some money, get your own house, then get married. Think for yourself, how old are you? What will a young person do now in his youth? They can only guess what happens to a young person between the ages of 18 and 20, which is why they sometimes go to extremes to satisfy their sexual desire.


Our problem is that we dress our children well, spend a lot on food and drink, but do not try to satisfy their sexual needs in a lawful way. They make it and at that time their youth must have deepened. Then it turns out that one of these spouses has misused his youth and can no longer have children, then divorces arise. I have seen that even after marriage, husband and wife cannot find peace with each other, so despite marriage, they spend time with friends, looking for peace here and there. This is the whole reason for getting married late. Now the bridegroom has become a doctor but he cannot bring back his youth. The bride has become the principal of the school but who will bring her back to her youth? Now when marriage will take place at the age of 32, 32 years, the average life of a human being is now 45-50. I am also telling you more. Why is there unemployment in our country? Why Child Labor? Why the stolen wheel? Why is the base of evil inhabited? The reason for all this is to get married late. You must see the orphaned, poor children in the houses around you and ask the reason for their orphaned misery.


We have made education a means of earning money nowadays. We are not gaining consciousness from education. Consciousness is giving us stumbling blocks in the world. Yes, you will study more, you will earn more money, you will build your own house, then there will be a good place to get married. So everyone must have heard that if we influence it in our marriages, then we should get education from birth to death, shouldn't we get married? Hey brother, education continues in its place. Money is earned in its place. Marriage is performed in its place.



We got independence from the British so that we can live in an Islamic way in an Islamic country but now we are following the British themselves. The young generation is disappearing from within. On the one hand, every day the British invent a new degree so that Muslims are stuck in degrees in the cycle of earning money and marriages are delayed.


And let them have the age to have children and not have children, our parents are very proud to say that our daughter and son have got this degree, they don't know that now they have lost their youth while getting degrees. All this genocide is going on. There is a big conspiracy to eliminate Muslims in our country. 


Nowadays, every third married couple has no children. Parents also take the nails of consciousness. Please share your past with me. I will write it in my own words and write a column for the betterment of myself and the society. انشاء اﷲ


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