Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of is very transparent and easier to understand. Having owner and administrative rights of the, we collect, utilize, and share your data under certain conditions and regulations. This privacy policy could be changed, restrained, and replaced at any time by

The privacy policy of the applies to all the users of the website, mobile application, and social media followers. Therefore, to make it a safer platform for all communities, cooperate with us and review these policies to ensure zero violence. Also, you would be notified about policy changing through emails or the date mentioned on the page. So, keep connected and have a look at all these privacy policies.


Information collection policy

1.       Your provided information

We collect and store all the information that you are providing us directly through different resources. For instance, while creating an account, your information like name, bio, profile image, content, email id, passwords, and credentials you provide us. All this information is collected even if you interact with us through social media platforms or ask for queries. This process goes the same for all the platforms, including website and mobile applications.

To improve the financial safety of writers at the, we don't collect any of your payment credentials or details. All the withdrawals medium you choose to enter credentials are solely responsible for that data. Therefore, it is suggested to read the privacy policy of that third-party company. We don't have any means of communication to share or receive data from that third-party companies.

2.       Automatic information collection by us

We have a particular type of cookies and libraries that automatically collects your data when interacting with us. These cookies and automatic information collection technologies are also connected to analytics to ensure the best services are delivered to you. Therefore, here are some types of information we collect;

·         Activity information;

We collect your activity information to provide you with a better user experience while being on our website or application. This information shows us your interaction with our website services and your interest. Like the articles you studied the most and writers you follow, it may also include your browser history and how you approached us.

·         Device information;

The device information lets us improve our UI over multiple platforms. Therefore, we collect the device data in which you use our application or website. The data collected includes device model, device IP Address, battery percentage, internet provider, operating system version, etc.

3.       Collected information from other sources

There are some other sources as well which help us in collecting user data from different ways. For example, we can collect your social accounts information and analytical providers information. Moreover, when you register yourself or login in to our website from your social accounts, we collect your account information like name, profile, date of birth, friend list and posts, etc.


Information usage policy

The intensions of information collections are truly in favor of our readers and the writer’s community. We collect data to improve user interface, user experience, showing personalized articles and the most studies topics, etc. for the broader aspects, we collect your information for;

·         Monitoring your usage and activities over our website and application.

·         Accounts creation, maintenance, and security.

·         Sending and receiving different alerts about security, administrative purposes, and technical crisis.

·         Detecting, observing, and protecting readers and writers from malicious, deceptive, fraudulent, and any other spamming activities.

·         Error tracing and downfall in any of the sections you are interacting with.

·         Being respondents to your queries and questions regarding customer service.

·         Complying with our legal and financial terms and processing withdrawals and other related information regarding sending receipts, money is withdrawn, and many others.

·         Considering your choice and searches and making you aware of new features with some surprising ease of access and interesting things. You can inform us about your opinions through those updates.


Information sharing policy

Our information sharing policy is straighter forward and prioritizes our user’s safety. Therefore, we share your information that complies with the following circumstances;

·         The official information sharing policy that we follow is sharing your detailed information with authorities that contributes to our smooth working, online availability, and other services. These authorities include web-hosting providers, analytics providers, UI and services consultants, security authorities, payment processors, customer services maintainers,s and marketing campaigns handlers.

· always abide by the local government laws. Thus, in case of any legal usage and other law enforcement we may open up your information to the security authorities, the law firms, and the local courts. You can prevent your information sharing by running a suit in favor of you and your information. We will follow the local laws and regulations for information disclosure and prevention.

·         We may share your information in case of going against our policies and terms. Also, if our administrators consider your actions against the safety and security of

·         The information we share with our services providers may include your name, profile, bio, profile image, people who follow you and people whom you followed, your recent views, likes and shares, published articles, etc.

·         Your information gets disclosed in case of selling shares or other assets of the company in future.

·         For advising purposes and taxation, we may share your information with our legal advisors and firms.

·         The information we reveal is always among the authorities of, affiliates, parent companies, and subsidies.

·         The information shared is with your consent, therefore when you log in or register with us you agree to our terms and conditions and privacy policy.

·         The information we share with others is not identifiable to you i.e. you won’t be personally disclosed or targeted by any of the above explained firms or companies with which we share information.


Content embed policy

The content of a third party you publish for the sake of reference or user engagement, we don’t personally host those content. Therefore, you are supposed to use our “embed” option to embed the code from that third-party content to our website. It would be only working with showing the source of access over the content. Suppose you are executing or visiting the log-in page from Facebook it would be showing us the redirecting location and some other info.


User right’s policy

·         Account information;

Being the sole owner of your account information at, it's your user right to edit, access, share, remove and delete your account from our servers. But even after the deletion of your account, we would be storing your information for lawsuits and other legal purposes if needed.

·         Mobile & Web Notifications

Notifications of our new posts and updates would only be shared if you enable push notification in the setting or while installation of the application. You can disable it and change the settings in the future by visiting the website or application.

·         Cookies

We use different cookies for information access and other functions. Most of your browsers accept cookies by default, so if you don’t want to accept our cookies you can remove cookies in the setting. But the removal of cookies may result in slow access to our website or application.

·         Communications

The communication preferences include newsletters, notifications, digest, and your followed writers’ new articles. So, if you don’t want to receive these communication preferences by mail you can disable them or change them in settings.


Data Storing and Retention Policy

For data storing availability of your data over, we ensure the user is active and communicating throughout the platform. Therefore, as we are currently running the biggest site in Pakistan, we may remove the data of an account after 60 days of deactivation. Also if you consider someone dies or not using more our platform, you can contact us officially for their data removal or profile hand overring to the siblings.

Data access policy follows some patterns to deliver your data whenever and wherever you want to. Therefore, have a look at these points to ensure the following of our policies while retrieving your data.

·         While registering and making account of your information is stored and could be accessed anytime you want to access it in portable forms.

·         You can customize, edit and correct your information on our servers by visiting settings and checking your settings log.

·         You can challenge your information sharing policy and stop information distribution by visiting our contact us page.