The law of prophethood and Muslims


Every Muslim must protect the law of prophethood.



  • In Western History, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) has been depicted in a variety of ways:

  • Films depicting other Prophets (AS) and Sahaabah/Companions (RA):


Every Muslim must protect the law of prophethood.

Is there a law of the jungle here? During the day, anyone can bring a pistol in a crowded court and kill like this. Are the courts locked? The law is not a name. "

He was full of anger and was cursing the system in his mouth.

Why does the idea of ​​obeying the law come to mind at that time? Laws have never been allowed to be enforced in the country. Then why this attitude at that time?"I'm not suggesting this is the best course of action but has anybody had a chance to consider the reasons that have led him to this point? I am saying this regarding all the crimes. If not, on the other hand, it is not right to play with anyone's feelings in this regard. Go and correct their qiblah first. Yes, they have a quarrel with them and those who follow their law. May Allah protect you from the semi-westernized people. When they come out, they forget everything. Instead of embellishing it, keep it for the Hereafter. Have sympathy May God protect you and your mind which the Lord of the world has deprived you of the ability to think and understand.



The existence of the law of the end of prophecy does not tolerate disbelief. Its malice is evident from the first day. He is a nerd and does not miss any opportunity for riots. Everyone is protecting it to the best of their ability and infidelity is attacking it as much as possible. Some national elements are also on the foreign agenda. The sincerity of some is visible. Some made it the centre of politics. Some used it to prolong power. Some did remarkable work to ensure its safety. Some used it as a means to divide the nation under the guise of emotions. Some paid the price with their blood. Some ridiculed the sacrifice of lives. Some have limited this topic to discussions. Some fought in the houses and defended it. "


These followers of my Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) have adopted such an attitude among themselves on the subject of the glory of my Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him).


Oh, earth! The glory of the one who is the cause of your existence has been insulted, the glory of your master's lover is being targeted. So explode and let people like us fall into it who are unable to do anything. Today, due to his misdeeds, he is not able to fight this case anywhere.

The Lord will honour his beloved. He will not choose weak people like us to protect the glory of his beloved but ...

Or the Lord is a follower of your prophet. Your beloved has asked for our forgiveness from you. Respect our honour, how will we be able to meet their eyes on the Day of Judgment?

In Western History, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) has been depicted in a variety of ways:

Until the development of the printing press, Western portrayals of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) were few and far between. He appears in a few Medieval paintings, usually in an unfavourable light, as a result of a brief mention in Dante's Divine Comedy. In Western portrayals of prominent people in world history, the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) occasionally appears. The objective of such depictions is usually positive or neutral; one example is the United States Supreme Court building in Washington, D.C. The frieze, which was created in 1935, features prominent historical lawgivers, including Prophet Muhammad (SAW), Hammurabi, Moses, Confucius, and others.


Since that episode attempted to satirise the Danish newspaper incident, the controversial American animated television comedy programme South Park, which had previously depicted Prophet Muhammad (SAW) as a superhero character in the July 4, 2001 episode "Super Best Friends, "9 depicted Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in the opening sequence. They meant to show Prophet Muhammad (SAW) delivering a salmon helmet to a child in the episode "Cartoon Wars Part II."

Films depicting other Prophets (AS) and Sahaabah/Companions (RA):

It is not allowed to portray Allah's Prophets and Messengers (Blessings and Peace of Allah be upon them) or the Sahaabah (May Allah be pleased with them) since this diminishes their position and shows disrespect to them. It is also an affront to their dignity and weakens them because it entails fabrications and falsehoods against Allah the Almighty's finest creation.


O, my master! If there is nothing we can do, then destroy our existence and settle the world with those who are capable of protecting the Holy Glory.




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