Zombies! Do they really exists

Remember about a movie about a zombies outbreak you may have watched. Do you think that will happen in the future? Is there any real proof of Zombies?


These and some other questions about zombies are striking people's minds. But do you know that Zombies in real life are not the dead ones?


According to a medical term, being a zombie means that one is out of a mental state. There are different cases where people lost their mentality and do some awkward things. This thing is not new but the only difference is that in literature we portray it horribly so that people can enjoy the movie.


Humans evolving is bringing some massive hazards which may cause the end of human beings. Many of us don’t know but the soviet union has practiced bringing life back.

This experiment was kept confidential but later on, published a complete video where they killed a dog. They separated his body organs and then pushed some oxygenated blood and life was back on track.


Though this experiment was helpful for bringing back life. But why it was banned? Why didn’t they practice over humans?


Actually, no one knows. I was recently searching for zombies and their causes to be. My interest helped me to watch that thing which many of us won’t believe.

I saw a video of the lab leaked by a practitioner. I don’t know the lab name and neither did the video maker discuss it. However, he was silently capturing what was going on there.


There were some human bodies conjoined with surgery and enclosed in glass cabins.


When the cameraman was capturing them, there was no movement. Suddenly when he gets closer that corpse started beating the glass and thunder loudly.


It was really terrible and horror experience. From that till the present, I searched a lot but never got that video again. Don’t know who uploaded it and who deleted it but believe me it was terrible.


Some real-life Zombies cases

Not only what I see and what others are searching over the internet, but there are also some real-life incidents taken place. These incidents prove that zombies might outbreak and put an end to human lives.


  • Miami face-eating attack

In Miami, a 31 years old Eugene attacked a homeless on the road. It was a normal day for Ronald Poppo. He was 61 years old homeless living under the shade and laying there calmly.

Bath Salts' Drug Suspected In Miami Face-Eating Attack : The Two-Way : NPR

Suddenly a naked boy Eugene attacked him and started eating his face. This attack lasted for 15 minutes and no one was capable to come nearer and lift him backward to protect the homeless.


At last, when the police arrived there, they started firing on Eugene and after being hit by 6 bullets, he get calmed and died. The police officials said that when they reached and killed that man, the face of the homeless was eaten approximately.

Rudy Eugene: Last words of Miami cannibal to his girlfriend before attack  on Ronald Poppo | Daily Mail Online

There was no nose, no mouth even bones on the forehead. Also, they said that it was the most pathetic incident in their lives. Some people are declaring it to be the consequence of having special drug “bath salts”.


Some are calling it a mysterious zombie attack. But there is still no evidence for any of these claims.


  • A man was killed after being charged for eating children

After being charged for killing nearly 30 children and eating their flesh, a man was killed in the USA. Back in 1973, a man was called a werewolf who hunt children and small animals to eat their flesh and also store it.


Many people witnessed watching him live to attack and eat humans. When this case reached the ears of the Police, they decided to arrest him. But when the police aimed to catch him, he was attacking a child and police called him to surrender.

Later on, he was killed on the charges of being a werewolf. Some people narrate it like a folk tale of someone cursed for being a werewolf. Some people call it a case of being a zombie.


So this is what I know about zombies and their reality. If you have some more evidence, please share it in the comment section. Also, we would love to hear if you witnessed the above-mentioned facts. Note one thing that all of this information is factual, not true.

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