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The age-old question: how can I make my content sound well researched even if it isn't well as a freelance writer. You are going to be writing on a lot of topics that you don't necessarily know a lot about and you need to write content that stands out and that sounds authoritative content that makes you sound like you know what you're talking about. 


I am going to be teaching you five methods that you can use right now that you can start using today from this very moment to make your content sound well researched even if it isn't.


So let's get straight into it.





Method number one uses Google Scholar. Now what is Google Scholar? It’s a search engine for properly published research. When you search for something on Google Scholar it doesn't bring out any random blog posts from the internet. It only shows properly published research and that is fantastic. Ideally you would want to link out to at least one research which means that you find a research on your topic and then you will link to it in the text of your article.


So go to Google Scholar and search for a broad keyword. Remember one thing not everything has been properly researched on and chances are that the very specific topic that you're writing on there won't be a lot of research on it and there might not even be one so.


Try to search for a broader term so that development researches are showing up instead of no research at all. So try using a broader key word, maybe use your primary key where your secondary keyword or just take a step back and think about what industry this and this is in and then search for that. Now linking out to researchers is great in two methods one it helps the readers trust you it helps the readers see you as an authority and to help them either see that whatever you are saying you're backing up with research but on the other end it's also great for SEO because Google sees that you are continuously linking out to very relevant high-quality researchers and that is going to help you rank higher in Google.



Method number two links to Authority websites now. What are 40 websites? These are basically .pov or .edu websites. They have the extension of dot govt a dot edu now these websites are either owned or run by government institutions which is dot govt for dot Edu means a website that is run by additional institutions.  Like colleges or universities both these extensions aren't easy to get and only proper educational institutions. All government institutions can get this extension which helps them stand out as an authority source; they probably would not be a better resource on any topic than a dot govt or dot Edu website. So if you find such a website on google talking about the same topic as you are talking about a relevant topic you would want to link out that for example, I was recently reading an article in the pet industry and in particular I was reading an article on dogs and the official National registry for dogs in the U.S is the AKC the American Kennel Club. It does not have a dot Edu extension or a dot gob extension but it would still be considered an authoritative source simply because it is an authority it is respected in the space and whatever it says will be respected by readers.


The third method is screenshots, I didn't know about this method until recently but since I learned about it and I've started using it it's been a fantastic credibility factor and credibility is very very important when you're writing on any topic. Now you can't use screenshots in every typewriter or every industry but wherever you can they are going to be amazing for the quality of your work.


For example, I was recently writing a review for a password manager app, and to show the readers that I had used the app, I was using screenshots continuously but not stepping out showing them that I used it. It also enhances the whole feel of the content and it also enhances the quality of the content.


Final Verdict;

We are living an age of freelancing where billions of jobs are awaiting for the right talent. Thus build your inner writing talent and utilize it as the strongest tool against earning. with these tips, you can become a good writer and attain well reputation. So read our article and let us know if it helped you out in finding a freelance writing job or you are becoming good writer.  


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