Writing: A Good Habit that helps a lot


Writing is the most favorite and important habit in my life. Writing improves our thinking ability, speaking style, vocabulary, and career.


Writing not only enhances the writer's mind but also has a vast impact on the reader's mind. Writers have a huge storage of information. That's why if a person has a writing habit he is very blessed by Allah. 


Let's discuss the main things we face and love to do while writing:


If we say that writing is a bank of information then it's not wrong. When we are writing something we first search about that topic so that we can get a lot of information even though we don't know much about that topic but when we search for that we are also taking advantage of learning and knowledge. We come to know what this thing is about and its importance. So it is clear that when a person is writing he gets a lot of information, which means writing increases a person's knowledge.



Whenever a person sits for writing something, whether it's articles, stories, essays, blogs, anything he should drink coffee or tea in between his work. Coffee will keep him charged and energetic so that he can work a lot without getting tired. Coffee should be drunk within limits. Drinking too much coffee is also bad for your health. The coffee-drinking limit shouldn't increase from 4 cups a day.



While writing, some people love to listen to music. They think that listening to music gives them the strength of thinking creatively while some think that listening to music is no doubt a pleasant thing but sometimes it distracts a person's mind. Different people have different sorts of tastes.


Writing is the best, best, and most lovely habit if a person pursues it. It increases the thinking ability and also writing skills. In today's time searching for something is the easiest thing, we find thousands of articles on just one topic. There are different sources of finding information for writing or learning purposes. We can find writing and learning material from google, youtube, Wikipedia, and many more platforms.



Writing not only increases the ability to write on topics but also enhances the use of words. Our vocabulary improves when we write daily. It improves our usage of words in a much-needed situation. We learn some new and impressive words which increase the number of words in our mind. Using heavy and good vocabulary words leaves a good impression on readers’ minds.


Writing not only increases our writing skills but also has a vast effect on our speaking skills. We use good sources of information and vocabulary which gives us confidence. Whenever we speak our confidence and body language matter a lot and when we have a good source of information our confidence, expressions , speaking style, and body language improve as compared to having no knowledge about the topic and usage of words.



If you are a writer then you know the importance of silence. Having a good place and silent place is just a blessing for the writer. Even though if you are not a writer just a school learner boy still you need a good and silent place for focusing on your targeted work. If anything causes interruption or disturbance you can not focus at any cost.


Writing has a lot of benefits on humans. If a person is a writer no matter whether he is a good writer or bad writer but only the main thing is if he is a writer then he has a good classy discipline. He knows how to walk and sit between people of different classes. He tries to communicate in a well-mannered way so that the listener and viewer get inspiration from him. He always tries to impress a person by his attitude, manners, body language, facial expressions, dressing, styling. He tries to keep everything on point and he tries to catch viewers’ attention.


A writer or novelist or journalist is mostly famous for their thinking ability. A good writer has superb thinking ability. He or she can describe any situation with a feel and with an amazing heart-touching ability. They can take a person from a normal world to an imaginary and fantasy land. A writer has a broad mind; he can write a highly lengthy article on just one small topic just by his good thinking ability and writing skills.




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