Growing hunger a gigantic problem in developed world

On October 17, 1993, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution that stated, "Whenever a person is forced to live in extreme poverty, it is a violation of human rights and the provision of these rights must be ensured." Making is our primary responsibility. ”Work has begun since then. The United Nations has named this year's title "Hunger Ended by 2030". 




The world failed before to get rid of these two problems, it still fails today. It seems that these are not two separate issues but two sides of the same coin. Poverty is what compels a person to be hungry and the poor one stays hungry. No human being goes hungry knowingly. In every age and every country, hunger has been making its presence felt and the solution to this problem has been in the top priorities of the politicians. ۔ This shows the apathy of the politicians. It seems that they want to perpetuate this problem, which is why the promises come true. 




As has been suggested, this problem has existed in every age and every country, but in the last year and a half, it has taken a serious turn. Corona put chains on the legs of the economy, in many countries, everything was closed, a curfew-like atmosphere prevailed, people's livelihoods were cut off, unemployment spread to large and developed countries, and those in power faced economic challenges. This situation is still going on. As a result, the state of poverty and hunger, which was there before, has now intensified. 




According to the UN Hunger Report, hunger is a term used to describe the intervals when certain sections of the human population experience food insecurity or insecurity. This means that some parts of the population go hungry all day long. Either they have no money for food management or they do not have access to food. This is considered hunger. 




Deliberate overeating and starvation are not considered hunger or coping with hunger. Hunger or hunger has been described from many other angles. Hunger, for example, is an obstacle to growth. This condition occurs when a person has to consume less than 800 calories per day. 




Another definition is when there is no food security. What is food security? Access to and use of food. When a person can get food easily, he gets nutritious food and when he gets the quantity he needs, it is called food security. When a person does not have this security, he will be called to fight hunger. The situation after Covid is even more serious. 




It should be noted that the challenge of hunger is not only the result of malnutrition but in many countries of the world, in addition to insurgency, unrest, sectarian conflict, war, etc., natural disasters also cause malnutrition. Therefore, along with the scarcity of food, the condition of access to food is also considered as the cause of hunger. There is food but the person or family who is facing hunger cannot reach this food. 




However, as much money is needed to get rid of poverty and consequently hunger, there is surprisingly more money in the world, although there are many philanthropists in the world who spend some of their wealth on charity. But everyone distributes money according to their choice or according to their preferences which leads to a partial solution of many problems instead of complete success in solving one problem. Additional taxes from the "super-rich" class could force billionaires to pay a "fixed percentage" of their wealth (whatever governments decide) to fight poverty. This is not a difficult task, but it has often been observed that governments give money to the rich, give them huge concessions in facilities and taxes, while the need is to do the opposite.




At present, one-fifth of the world's population lacks access to ideal food. Given this food shortage, it does not seem that the global community has set a goal of eradicating hunger from the world by 2030. According to the latest World Hunger Index, about one billion people worldwide are currently suffering from hunger. The problem of global hunger has diminished in recent years but is now intensifying. In 2019, about 690 million people worldwide did not have enough to eat, but last year that number rose to 811 million. According to global reports, more than eight hundred and eleven million people worldwide are suffering from hunger, of which forty-one million could face a crisis soon.




The rate of hunger is highest in Asian countries. Pakistan ranks 14th among starving countries this year and out of a population of 210 million, there are more than 50 million people who do not have enough to eat. Twenty-two percent of the population is malnourished and 8.1 percent of children die before the age of five. According to the World Hunger Help's annual index, the highest hunger in the world is still found in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asian states. The common denominator in these regions is:


The human population is very large, the average per capita annual income is low and the affected developing states are facing a variety of problems and crises, which exacerbates the problem of hunger. The Companions of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) should be held accountable when a dog dies of thirst on the banks of the Euphrates and they are always afraid of their Lord. I was hungry, they did not give me food, I was thirsty, why did you not give me water? We should all be ready for it and prepare food for ourselves in the hereafter by arranging food for at least one hungry person in every house. Sadly, every four seconds a person dies of starvation. That number rises to 9 million a year, far more than the number of deaths from malaria, cancer, and other infectious diseases. It seems that even in today's advanced age, hunger and poverty remain the world's most contagious diseases. Its condition can be estimated in such a way that 1.2 billion people in the world are living on just one dollar. This is because of the poor economic policies of the rulers. Wealth has been reduced to a few hands and a large number of people have been pushed into the mire of poverty.


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