WordPress hosting and its functionality

Technology is evolving with every passing day. There are unlimited coding options that can help people develop technical solutions. But even after such tremendous options, WordPress is still an apple of the eye for many users.


WordPress websites and blogs are higher in demand due to the ease of managing CMS and editing. There are non-stop features which help people making their mind to go with WordPress solutions.


Along with the technicalities, WordPress provides you with some hosting features which is called WordPress hosting.


There are two options of hosting available;



WordPress.com is a one-stop facilitator to many people who are looking for their future in blogging. It offers you hosting and site maker. You can simply pick one theme from the offered and add some sections you want.


Your website would be ready for final touch within a few minutes. It would also make your website live with the free hosting of www.yourwebname.wordpress.com . Through this way you can easily setup your blog online without any costs.


But along with these features, there are some cons associated with this option. For example, you cannot edit your blog once it is completed. Also, you won’t be able to add new plugins in your website. As this hosting provider is offering you free hosting services, it would definitely be earning some values to offer these services to you.


These earning ways are showing random ads on your blog and earning from it. This might affect the user experience on your blog or website.



WordPress.org is another platform that offers you site maker. But here are some differences from wordpress.com. Here you need to buy a hosting plan and domain to continue creating your blog or website. It could be called one of the hosting providers.


Once you complete buying hosting and domain, your website creation would be just clicking away. Even while creation of your blog or website you can edit its CSS and HTML. Your blog or website would be exactly what you are looking for.


You can also get control of your hosting settings. You can add and remove ads from your blog easily. Usually, it costs you 80 to 100$ per year but you can remove these costs by showing ads on your blogs.



MySQL and PHP are two necessary languages to use with WordPress hosting. Therefore, whenever you are going to buy WordPress hosting, always check for the availability of these languages. 

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