Winter season in Pakistan



Importance of winter season in Pakistan:


Winter season in Pakistan holds lots of importance. Winter is cold and people wait for this season to come because of the heat during summer. Winters bring freshness to the environment. When earth revolves around the sun it changes its position hence different seasons begin in different regions of the world. The major difference winters make in our daily life is that daytime becomes short and nights become long. Lately winter season has been shortened because of global warming and due to other issues as well the temperature of the earth is increasing day by day hence winter season is shortened.In Pakistan winters usually start in november and ends at the beginning of match. Northern areas face severe cold conditions during winters and in some areas landslides happen as well due to which roads get blocked disturbing tourism. Winter season brings happiness and lots of freshness in the attitude and environment hence it is a happy season.

Usually the winter season is also marked with a lot of  weddings and festivities.


Why it is most favourite season in Pakistan?:


Pakistanis love winters, especially children, due to winter vacations. In this season people get to eat a lot of fresh fruits, vegetables,travel and most importantly they get to enjoy a lot of weddings. Winters are also called sweat proof season which is a major problem among some people. This season ensures them to remove all humidity,sweat and heat out of their lives. Alot of beautiful plants grow in this season as well, including lily flowers ,red rose flowers. It makes people happy and winters more beautiful. There is a different vibe that comes with winters. Winters are usually considered very romantic which is great for the couples. winter brings a lot of health benefits with it for example getting good sleep, when your immune system adapts to colds our body become less likely to catch flu and cold.Snow fall,yummy warm cups of coffee or soup, bonfires excite people in winters a

a lot which brings a lot of joy and happiness.

Also people of Pakistan Take sun bath during winters which is a great source of vitamin D which makes our bones strong


DIfficulties faced by Pakistanis during winter season:


Difficulties during winters include land sliding issues due to heavy snowfall. Many people and tourists lose their lives in winters because of this. Another drawback of winters is smog. Smog is polluting the country and a lot of accidents happen because of it. Smog is the mixture of fog and hamful ,toxic gases with destroy plants and cause problems in breathing.



Dress code in winters for Pakistanis:


Dresses play a major role in any weather especially in winters. In winters we need clothes to cover your body so we don't feel cold, for this purpose people use warm clothes including jackets,shawls,sweaters,socks,gloves,caps,mufflers etc. Different provinces have their own dress code during winters. During winters women in Pakistan wear warm khaddar fabric clothes with woolen shawls or dupattas with heavy embroidery work. Leather jackets and hoodies are very famous among men during winters. Men who wear shalwar kameez wear waist coats and heavy woolen shawls during winters.


Favourite food in winter season:


Major joy which winter brings in our lives is food. Fish is one of the main foods. Fish consumption has become high due to cold weather. Different types of fish are available in the country throughout the winter season. There are various kinds of recipes by which chefs make different kinds of fishes. It can be fried,steamed,roasted or in the form of gravy depending on the choice of consumer. Dry fruit consumption rates also increase in winters but the most famous dry fruit which is considered as the speciality of winters are peanuts. Peanuts can be found in every house during winters. Walnuts,figs,apricots,roasted almonds,pistachio,dates all these dry fruits are majorly important during winters

Pakistanis specially Punjabis are Big foodies. Different provinces have their own specialities but in punjab saag (mustard Plant)with makki ki roti (corn flour roti) is most famous, both the things are cooked in butter or organic ghee.



Tourism in Pakistan during winters:


Pakistan is a land of beautiful valleys and places. Pakistan has one of the most beautiful tourist spots in Pakistan. People from all over the world visit Pakistan because it's beautiful scenery and landscape. Followings are the best places to visit during Pakistan due to their extreme beauty:


● Hunza

● Gilgit baltistan

● Lake saif-ul malook

● Neelum valley

● Sawat

● Murree

● Kalam valley


A Lot of mountain climbers dare to visit Pakistan during winters to fulfil their passion of mountain climbing on the deadly mountains of Pakistan. K2 is located in Pakistan which is the second tallest mountain in the world.


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