Why we need birds as a vital part of life?

Humans came into existence to survive in this nature. If we deny the part of nature in our lives, we can’t live a single day. This is why there are hundreds of organizations working for environmental protection.


The most crucial part of environmental protection and nature rehabilitation is birds. In our world, there are lakhs of bird species that are actively working to perform their duties. Bird is more important for humans as compared to humans for birds.


The things we eat, the things we grow, and our own lives depend on the life of birds. This is why today we are here to talk about why we need birds in our lives? So, let’s discuss some of the key points;


1)      Plants existence due to birds

Today, we all are crying to raise awareness about growing plants. But do you know that how the plants naturally grow? If no then let me make it evident to you from scratch!


The plants come into existence through pollination. When the grains of one flower or plant fall on another plant or flower, a new kind originates.


Though flies and other flying pests take part in the pollination of trees most people don’t know that birds are taking more responsibility.


According to research, 5% of human’s food plants and medication pollinates with the help of birds. As birds also flew from one plant to another and supplies grains to each other.  Therefore, birds are crucial for the growth of plants.


2)      The nature cleaner, Vultures

Vultures are nature cleaner and work more efficiently than any of the governmental organizations do. They are expert and naturally skilled to locate the dead animals or spare meat and vanish it out in seconds.


According to research, 11600$ disposal of dead meat is consumed by a single vulture. This makes an end to several diseases including rabies and spreadable viruses. But as the vultures are getting extinct, the number of viruses is now spreading faster than in the past.


Therefore, we must be careful in the protection of vultures to establish nature cleaning rules. As humans could be ignorant of their tasks but nature can’t.


3)      Pests’ removal

Nowadays, we are living the most modern life and making things performing at our fingertips. But even after such development, we are not skilled enough to control pests completely.


We mostly buy thousands of dollar pest cleaning services and still, there are pests in the home. Then why shouldn’t we acquire natural pest removal services? Yes, we can.


There could be no effective pest removal than birds. There are almost thousands of bird species that are skilled to eat and remove all types of pests from animal bodies.


Every year many animals having fur get infected with ticks. These ticks can lead to illness of your animals and cause their death. But thanks to nature who protects our livestock with birds. Some birds can even remove the cells and eggs of these pests left on the skin of animals.


So, when there would be zero pests, obviously our homes would remain protected from pests. Thus, adopt the natural pest extinction services rather than spending lakhs on pest removal companies.


4)      Birds build ecosystems

We cannot count the very last benefits of birds in human life. As they are no less than a helping angel making life and nature comfortable for us.


Birds innovatively build ecosystems by making a balance between oxygen, carbon, and nutrients. They are spreading the seeds everywhere. They build new grasslands and also help in supplying food for sea life.


5)      Birds are the inspirations

The last and wholesome of this article is to call birds, nature. They are the nature builders and nature in themselves. Birds are working 24/7 in human comfort and delivering their best inspires us.


Today the innovations made by science from plan to ship and other products, all are produced by getting inspiration from birds. Still, technology is working for the development of such things that can work just like the birds doing for our environment.



Thus, wake up today and raise your voice against birds’ protection. Help them illuminate the damaging signals of mobile sims and wireless networks. Also, we should stop illegal dealings of birds in our locality. 

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