Why is it forbidden to be ?? بچ In childhood we had heard from the elders that the person is forbidden, but whenever he should ask, he could not explain because he did not have research, jus

 Why is it forbidden to be ?? بچ In childhood we had heard from the elders that the person is forbidden, but whenever he should ask, he could not explain because he did not have research, just faith that God just used to be a meal of the paddle, food and eating it from his body. Well,


today I will tell you about the explanation why the pig is forbidden ??

The Khuman has emerged in 4 places in the Koran. Surah al-Ah, the Surah of the Surah and the Surah al-Sabha. While eating meat, the Bible Testament Await's book is come to Leviticus and Hissence and ISAIAH. سSor is the dirty animal of the world that finds out in the garbage, waste and dirt and eats a gentleman. There is often not in the villages in non-developed and non-Islamic countries and people repeat in open places, then they are the same to eliminate the same ritual.

👈. Some developed countries try to get it and clean transparent space,

but its nature is odor food. It also eats his and her other partner animals. 👈. This is the world's most unhappy animal that invites his other companions to sexual functions with his partner. Often you will see those people who live in pork and often do their family's exchange during their dance. 👈. سور There are at least 70 diseases in pork. 👈. There are many types of insects in the dense and intestines of food, such as Roped Virus, Pin Vomture and Hook Vomit. The most dangerous Taenia Solium is usually called pumpkin Pixel. 👈. Heat effect is a meat, and the loss of liver, and many parts of the body. 👈. In some Western countries, people cause blood pressure, fluid and hart attacherously from the meat. His fat is a risk of hart tech. If you are very good, it is also cooked, even if the trichura-tichurasis of the merchant of the paths, is not the only question of being used. Subhan Allah is the religious religion, in which every misconception of harming humanity is forbidden.     

 Islamic law is the completely law of the country.

There is a guidance according to every process of life. According to the same law, the use of pit or meat or use of her is forbidden for Muslims. Talking to the men today, according to the commandments of Allah, according to the commandments of Allah, it is proven to be scared today, and it is not only evidence of religion of Islam, but also due to the purpose of faith. The pigs eat their urine and waste, besides all this thing is food, there are pulse bugs in dirt or its colleagues, odor blood and peppers. All this thing uses it as a diet. Compared to any other animal, the amount of poisonous mid-poisoning is more, because of this reason it is absorbed toxic materials of maximum amount of food. Allah is the All-Knowing, the All-Knower of the Prophet who does not know about his creation, but now science has proved to be so that the pigster does not sweat, because of all the poisonous things that can be removed from the body in the form of sweat, and it is poisonous in its blood. There is no poison on poisoning, the measure of the poison is already high, so that if the poison is given to the killing, it does not affect the poison, the corner of the snake is often the curse that they do to the pills, because they do not eat these snakes, but they do not even impact their snakes. Its meat seems to be molded, when the pigs die dysfunction, bacteria and other hosts faster and flew it on the meat and otherwise ridicuel than other living creatures. The meat of meat is not germinated in any case of cooking at any temperature.

Until today,

the address could not be explained that after the cooking at the temperature, it can be completely eliminated toxic materials in its meat. The ratio of greasy in the meat is very much, the proportion of greasy meat in the meat is very highly dangerous than any other animal meat that is very dangerous for human health. Diet diet diet is very fast, it is part of his body, the diamonds of the pigs, works, it is very important to eat, but the diet becomes a part of its body meat in just four hours, and it is very highly rather than this is too fast, it is eating fat. There is thirty diseases in the pigs that can be moved to human instantly, that is why Allah has been forced by touching the pigs, pigs can cause many deadly diseases, pigs can cause typhoid, joint pain, addresses and other diseases in human beings. There are sores inside her meat that gastches the poisonous gathered inside them. There is such slaughteries in meat of meat that can not be excluded in poisonous sections inside it. As a result, they are all poisonous materials collected. Due to all these losses, pigs have been religious for religion in religion. Indeed, Islam is nature and no law made by God is unaware.

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