what is weed? Side effects of weed and pot on body

Do we always wonder about some common words we listen to like weed, pot, marijuana etc. what are weeds? Why consume marijuana? And many other questions roam in our minds. But, according to physicians, they all relate it with a similar item called weed.

But to uncover the exact mean of weed, unwanted plants growing anywhere it is not needed. So in standard terms, the answer for what are weeds is all those herbs that hit and work as mental disturbance are called weeds.

These weeds, pot, marijuana, kratom and other similar items cause mental issues and affect both positively and negatively. So, for all those who search for side effects of weed, congrats! Finally, you landed the right piece of writing.

So here we go;

Effect of marijuana on mental health

First, talking about the most popular type of weed, marijuana, not everyone bears up positively. Basically, its wider part of effects and side effects of smoking depends on the amount your intake.

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Most of the time, people start consuming as an addiction which consequently disturbs mental health. Weed side effects may result in case of assuming no existing things around you. The circumstances may get worst if you continue to use it.

In case of depression and panic attacks, thoroughly consult your doctor and stop the usage of any item that falls in the question of what are weeds.


Extreme stimulant for those who smoke weed

A concise but more significant meaning holding statement is an extreme stimulant for those who smoke weed. People consider it a trend to look smarter while being a weed smoker. But it's totally wrong as it can be an extreme stimulant for you that boosts the mood of eating and sex.

It may provoke your inner highs and make your urging all-time for food and sex. Consequently, your health would be suffering it all. It could also be counted as hashish effects as this also comes in the question of what are weeds.

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Basically, the core material of THC is higher in marijuana and other weeds. So, if one smoke weed, vape or inhale it can bear the extreme moods.


Getting hooked with weeds

Ever you imagined if your life gets hooked between one thing only. You are not caring either you are losing your partner, job or health; just driving your own senses with the dirty habits of weed smoking and the effects of weeds.

Yes, it’s happening around us. People who start consuming marijuana and pot at earlier ages feel more hooked to it than the older ones. They fall a pray for it and starts depending on it. Now, if one aspires or not, but they can’t live without it.


Some common issue you might bear while getting hooked with this trashy weed is sleeplessness, depression, uncomfortable and extreme moods. What can stop it is your own efforts to go and meet a friendly phycologist and rehabilitation centre.


Devastation of lungs

The most terrible and fatal side effect of smoking either weed or other types of smoking is the devastation of the lungs. Lungs are the softest part of our body, which is the second vital part of life. And did you ever think of it before smoking? Obviously not.

About every 2 of teenage boys starts smoking cigarettes and then move on to pot and marijuana. All these herbs that fall between the question of what are weeds contain a higher amount of THC. This chemical directly damages our immune system.


With a weakened immune system, how could one live a healthier life? At first, it starts damaging our lungs and make them shrink enough not to take a breath easily. Secondly, they move toward kidneys and cause kidney failure and many more.


Benefits of marijuana on human health

Lastly, ending our article with one benefit that could be acquired from marijuana is painkilling. In the medical industry, prior to the ban, many physicians started researching over positive effects of marijuana. They called it medical marijuana or medical pot.

Basically, naming it medical means a specific amount could be prepared and consumed at a particular temperature to acquire medical benefits. These medical benefits included;

·         pain killer that thoroughly calms it down.

·         The best cure for people facing sleeplessness with fibromyalgia.

·         Producing appetite in AIDS patients.

These are not enough, as the ban does not proceed in other countries than the united states. Therefore, the research is continued on all the items that fall in the question of what are weeds. Possibly in future, they will convert it into medicine that helps in curing rather than getting ill.




Being faithful with your life demands good care of yourself. Nothing lasts longer with you but yourself and your health. Therefore, it stops consuming weeds and other categories that unleashes the fire of death. If you already suffer from these issues, thoroughly consult your doctor and read it before getting intoxicated by listening to someone's fake arguments.

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