What is web hosting? Some important things connected with it

Web hosting is a process in which people buy services from external companies to showcase their websites on the internet.


Internet works with a nest of computers called servers. These servers are being operated by different companies that sell web hosting services.


In simple words, web hosting is just like someone hosting you on their home but charging for services they offer. Similarly, on the internet and web, hosting companies charge you a certain amount to host your website on the internet.


These hosting services vary from person to person. Like one can buy dedicated hosting, shared hosting, and many more. All these plans are depending on the usage one need. Therefore, the hosting plan changes.


For hosting your website, the hosting companies demand your domain name which shows your website. It could also be like giving a unique name to the website so that whenever you call it, it appears.


If you don’t have a domain name the hosting company can also provide your domain. Their packages vary from each company. Like some companies provide huge discounts on buying a domain and hosting.


Along with domain and hosting, there are some other things involved in hosting plans;

1)      Bandwidth and data transfer

Bandwidth and data transfer are the two most important factors in web hosting. Web hosting is a set of terms that showcase your business online.


Therefore, it must be fully crafted to your customer demands.


Bandwidth is like a space to let flow the data through it. The wider the space is the more data would be flowing through it.


Data transfer is the limit or amount of data transfers in a minute or a month.


These two things must be purchased wisely to ensure that your customers are getting what you expect. Like the bandwidth, should and data transfers are parallel to each other. So before buying consider your number of visitors per month and the data they need.


If the bandwidth goes down, the visitors would be waiting to open a website. Also, if the data transfer is limited then the website became unavailable by showing that the data transfer limit is reached. Thus, be conscious of these two factors.


2)      File transfer protocol access

FTP is another important factor included in web hosting. FTP enables you to download and upload your files from the browser to the computer. You can also download files from the server to your computer with this access.


3)      Disk Space

Disk space is like buying an external or remote hard drive. This hard drive is offered on that server in which your website is stored and uploaded.


Therefore, you need to be conscious while choosing disk space. It’s like a hard drive you are going to buy depending on your usage. So the first estimate of your usage and demands chose disk space.


4)      Email accounts

Email accounts are also offered in hosting plans. These email accounts are somehow different than the normal ones we use.


There are three different types of email accounts offered while buying hosting. These are POP3, Aliases, and forwarding.



These three accounts carry their own perks and performances. Thus, choose wisely to take advantage of your hosting.

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