What is unlimited hosting package? Do company really offer it

The unlimited hosting package is becoming the most discussed thing among website users. Usually, people think that when the title is the unlimited hosting package, it means you are getting unlimited everything including bandwidth and space.

On the other side, this is totally wrong and no less than beating about the bush. It’s just a package name which comes with competitively mire features and components. But nothing could be unlimited as these companies buy servers and hard disks externally.


Now let me make it clearer to you that how it works? So basically, some companies offer unlimited hosting packages with some hidden limits like 30GB in basic and so on. But some companies utilize this system as a selling logic.


Just imagine yourself in a wedding hotel where you paid for per head. Now every person who is attending that ceremony can eat unlimited selected foods. But do you really think that one can eat whole-cooked food from that restaurant? Obviously, no as there is a limit always.

Thus sometimes companies offer this logic behind unlimited packages. They can balance the usage with low demanding users and high demanding users.


Should you buy an unlimited hosting plan?

As I said above unlimited hosting plan doesn’t mean the same as said. Also, this plan is offered differently by different hosting providers. Thus, it is suggested to read all the terms involved in that package and ask customer support for details.


But if you have some limited demands of bandwidth, space, and other things, go with any other plan to save the extras.

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