What is the Redemption period in domain hosting?

The domain name one buys usually comes with monthly or yearly purchasing plans. Thus, once your plan is expired, you are offered a 30 days period to renew your domain hosting. In this period, your domain would be working and the website won’t get down.

But if you do not renew your domain in this 30-day period, it would be entered into the redemption period. In this period, your website may or may not work but you can consider it as a second-level warning. This tenure would also last for 30 days which is a total of 60 days warning to renew your domain.

The domain honor gets a very long period for renewal of their domain. This period may be short or long in different hosting companies. During this period, one can renew their domain by paying a redemption fee and renewal fee. This total fee could be 100$ and onward.

Suppose if one thinks that this is too high to pay and let its domain uncharged. The domain is then publicly available for other users to buy. So, if you think don’t pay the fee and then repurchase from public availability, it could be riskier.


One of the biggest risks in leaving your domain for repurchasing is losing it. A simpler and easy-to-remember domain is everyone looking for. Maybe when you are touching the peak, someone keeps an eye over your domain. So, there is a higher risk of losing your domain by leaving it to redemption and then repurchasing.



Page ranking matters a lot for any domain. The older a domain is the more PR it offers. But once your domain is expired it will lose all the PR and you need to put a lot of effort into a new domain to gain that Page ranking.

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