What is dark web? Everything you need to know about it

When we talk about the word dark web, we always think about something evil and bad. But is it the same as what you are thinking of this word?


Might be no and yes, there are certain facts associated with the dark web. This is some kind of a whole system that works globally.


Today, we will go through every basic and advanced information related to the dark web. So starting with its invention or you can say market launch, it was started back in 2000.


The initialization of this dark web was done by students as their project work. The goal of initiating this system is to allow people to send, upload, share information and files within a decentralized system.

Tor (network) - Wikipedia

This project enabled people to browse the internet and do whatever they want to do anonymously. All the activities were anonymous and there was no proof of identity.


Later on, the usage of this project expanded and it started accepting many things.  But the initial purpose was for governmental processes and security organization works.


Afterward, people trusted its anonymous access and started using it for their own interests. This thing lead this platform to be open for legal and illegal usages.


Some common illegal uses

If I start discussing the illegal usage of the dark web, i need a whole day to explain. But somehow i would try to explain some of the immense and most threatening illegal usages. So let’s start with it;


  • Children abuse and children rape/ sex video dealings.

  • Sale of human slaves especially teenage girls and boys.

  • Hiring and making terrorist organizations.

  • Hacking someone’s computer or mobile and threatening.

  • Dealing of personal data of users.

  • Dealing in a movie’s copyright that is pirated.

  • Selling illegal drugs and weapons.

  • Cyber security threat to banks and other organizations.


There are plethora of activities going on dark web. According to some rumors, there are some people who are joining Illuminati through dark. Even it is famous to be used for trapping teen agers for terrorist act and bombardment.


How to protect your children from the dark web?

First of all, it is not easier to access the dark web for everyone. One need to have knowledge of its platform and some other things.


But as I said there could be some gateways created by the illegals of the dark web. They can bring your children to them by anonymous hacking.


This is why it is strongly recommended to ban suspicious websites. Also, do some settings in your children's devices and browsers so that they cannot use it for illegal purposes. 

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