What is Black Friday? And why we call it so

Friday is a day of the weekend that declares it is about to end. This day has its own prosperity in different geographical locations and nations.

In the business world, it was celebrated originally in the united states as the end of the year and thanksgiving sales discounts. The traders of the United States open up an announcement of black Friday by selling different items at lower rates.

Also, it was noticed that the average sale on black Friday is 20 percent of yearly sales in a country. At black Friday, the profit on items are counted in black entries and the loss in red entries.

But at the end of the year, there are no chances to say loss. This offer or festival was originally enabled on physical stores. But by the passage of time, it shifted from physical stores to online businesses.

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Now many e-commerce business store owners are offering black Friday sales at the end of the year. This sale is now traveled to Asian countries as well. Due to the increasing trend of online shopping, this sale gives more returns online than physical approaches.

Therefore, this year companies like DARAZ, Amazon, and Flipkart are offering black Friday sales this November. There would be huge discounts on all the products from home appliances to wearables.

Anyone can avail of this opportunity and enjoy the discounted price. But there could be certain flaws in these sales days. Therefore, one should be careful while purchasing any massive product from these e-commerce stores.





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