Some Major reasons and causes behind migraine and dark circles

Ways to eliminate Migraines:

Migraine headaches conjointly referred to as migraines, are painful and leave the patient unable to do something. This headache arises in one part of the pinnacle and makes the patient suffer intolerable pain. There's no regular treatment for headaches, however, temporary relief is often obtained by taking home remedies.

Experts say that headache sufferers ought to lead a way of life that minimizes the chance of headaches, like nominal use of screens, timely rest and avoiding over-stress. nowadays we have a tendency to aim to show you a number of the ways in which you'll scale back the pain to some extent by adopting it once you have a headache.


Get facilitate from Hundak:


Cool the pinnacle once you have a headache, the most effective method is to require a chilly water shower. in our own way is to induce relief from ice. Wrap a couple of items of ice in an exceedingly towel and place it on the forehead for a quarter-hour. Take it away when quarter-hour and you'll feel a transparent reduction within the headache. If the headache persists, add additional ice when quarter-hour.


Relax your head:


Holding the scalp hair tight conjointly causes headaches. ladies ought to loosen their hair throughout headaches to relax the muscles. Similarly, if you're sporting a shawl or hat on your head, take it off once you have a headache.


Dim lights:


When you have a headache, dim the lights wherever you're, place curtains on the windows. folks with chronic headaches ought to keep the brightness of computers and mobiles low. take care to wear eyeglasses once you get into the new sun.


Don't hurt the jaw:


Chewing gum for long periods of your time will typically cause headaches, as will chewing a pan or one thing arduous, grinding teeth will cause headaches. Consult a medical man regarding this and check out to eliminate this habit.


Best solution:


Immediate treatment of headaches and fatigue is enough, and a cup of coffee can reduce headaches.

Dark circles around the eyes, causes and treatment

Where hair, nose and lips are important in the attractiveness and beauty of the face, the eye makes the face the most attractive. Surely this is an invaluable gift of God to us for which we are grateful. And it is our duty to take full care of this invaluable gift. Just as we take care of the rest of our bodies, we also need to take care of our eyes to maintain the beauty of our faces. Today I am daring to write an article on eye circles and I will also give you a few tips so that you can get rid of these circles.


Just as the rest of our limbs get tired, so do our eyes get tired and surrounded. In today's busy world, man has no time for himself. But we have to take special care of our health. Especially women suffer from this disease and they try various tips for it which ultimately prove to be useless. Today I will try to tell you such useful prescriptions so that all of you who are bothered by the circles around the eyes can get relief. First of all, we will look at the reasons that cause these circles. If there is anyone or more of these causes around the eyes, try to remove it.




* Inadequate sleep

* Excessive reading and writing

* Use of computer in low light

٭ Overwork


* Use of unbalanced diet

* Aging


* Studying or embroidering in dim light etc.

* Weakness after illness

* Do not eat breakfast


٭ Dieting


* Do not use glasses for visual impairment



* Excessive consumption of tea or coffee

* Iron or anaemia


* Anxiety or stress

Now we first suggest home remedies so that you can treat yourself by taking items from home. After that I will also tell you about homoeopathic remedies.


Indigenous treatment:


* Use rose water in the eyes.

* Use guava, papaya and banana. It is useful to make a lick of all three and eat it.


* Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables.

* Apply the slaughtered potato on the area around the eyes.

* Before going out in the summer, use sunblock. And put glasses on the eyes.


* Squeeze the cucumber juice and apply it slowly to the affected area with the help of cotton.

* Mix tomato and lemon juice and apply three to four times a day.

* Sprinkle cold water on the eyes.

* Use almonds and apply almond oil to the circles.

* When you get up early in the morning, rub the fingers of both hands together and then apply warm heat on the affected area. Doing so is beneficial in reducing circles.


Homoeopathic Remedies:


* If you have circles due to anaemia or iron deficiency, use Ferm Fas 30 three times a day.


* If this is due to poor eyesight, use Ufrazia 30 three times a day.

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