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A website is what determines your size of business in the online field. Suppose you are finalized with a perfect large-size website with quality images. What about the online presence? Do you have enough hosting size?


This is what today we are going to discuss web hosting sizes and how we can determine them. Basically, a web hosting company provides you with all the resources you need. There are thousands of hosting service providers. But all may not deliver you what exactly you need.


Web hosting sizes are usually mentioned in the package you buy. This package differs from the most basic needs and professional business website demands. Suppose a single HTML website is ready to go live. Its single page would occupy a minimum of 11kbs per page the further space would be covered by the graphics and the images you are going to use on your website.


Here are some of the factors which you should look for to determine the size of web hosting;


1.       Space

 As we discussed in our initial articles that our online data is also stored on physical computers. These computers called servers offer some limited space for your hosting package. You can increase this space need by asking for custom packages. Thus, always consider your website and its data and then go for buying any of the web hosting packages.


2.       Data transfer rate

Data transfer rate is the most influencing thing on a website. If your data transfer rate is slow it would directly impact your customer experience. A data transfer rate is what you use for sending and receiving data online. This data could either transfer from your computer to the server or from the server to remote computers used by visitors.


If your page has more than 50 thousand visitors per month. Your website might need more than 1GB of data transfer rate per month or more. So first discuss your number of audience and then go for catching up on a data transfer rate.


3.       Multiple domains hosting

 This feature is rare and very often it is offered by hosting companies. Like Hosters.pk who offer their customer multiple domain hosting to save maximum of their costs. It’s a healthy offer for people who are owning different domains' websites for their single business. You can connect all your different domains website on a single hosting plan. Thus, this feature is going to be amazing to save prices on individual hosting.


4.       Email accounts

The last and also important branding factor needed in web hosting is an email account. Your customers should be comfortable approaching you when they have any query or any plan to discuss. In this case, you may need a different email account for different services. Most web hosting companies like Hosters.pk offer these services to make a stronger impact of branding over customers.


Your email accounts could be operated with webmail. So always check for the availability of webmail otherwise it would be tough for you to install the software on your computer and operate it over pop3.



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