Advantages and Disadvantages of using Instagram



Launch of instagram app:

Instagram  was launched in 2012 in the month of april. Instagram was first launched as an app for only android users.

It was also known as a camera app or photo sharing app before. It got a great claim that after two years Facebook, which is now known as Meta, bought it for 1 billion dollars. KEVEN SYSTROM a 27 years old guy developed this app. He claimed to work at Google and twitter. Instagram is a very famous app amongst the youngsters.


People getting jobs on Instagram:

 Instagram is a platform for a lot of people who want to work and earn online. A Lot of bloggers post about their blogging stuff on Instagram and in return they gain a lot of sponsors which pay them to post ads about their brand. Many people sell their stuff through Instagram pages hence it is a place for many online businesses. A lot of women sell their handmade stuff on Instagram. Many food pages sell their foods through Instagram pages. Instagram has also introduced a lot of makeup artists. People who don't know about makeup and styling can learn a lot from makeup bloggers and fashion influencers on social media for free. Learning on Instagram is free and reachable to everyone no matter in which country they are.  Almost every brand, sportsman, the movie star has its public accounts on Instagram hence Instagram also helps people free of cost publicity. Instagram also does paid sponsorships but the price for those sponsorships is kept very less. Lucky are the people who cook good food but this talent Would be of no use if it's not doing any good for you so, Instagram is a great platform for home chefs to initiate their small business and start taking orders. A Lot of dietitians also give paid online diet charts on this app. Instagram is fast enough to inform you about what's happening in the world. Now people don't tune into new channels, they have more easy ways to do this. One of them is Instagram. But one downfall of Instagram information is that it may not be true or 100% true. There may be a lot of rumors involved with it. Yes, if the page giving you new information is authentic and verified then the news must be true. So, it depends on which source you are reading it. 


Excessive use of Instagram:

Instagram is a very informative and useful app but excess use can harm you. Unnecessary scrolling wastes a lot of your time. Sometimes we unconsciously spend hours and hours scrolling through Instagram. Also, some kids also use Instagram these days which is not correct. Instagram is not safe for kids under 18 years because the content on Instagram is unfiltered and unedited so our kids while scrolling through it are exposed to some random stuff out of which something can not be the ones they should be seeing. Also by this, they waste their study hours hence failing tests and exams. This also affects education in this way. Before kids used to play sports during their free time but due to apps like Instagram kids are glued to their mobile screens and as a result, there is no physical activity. Watching content on Instagram for long might not be good for your eyesight as well.


Entertainment on Instagram:

There is no doubt that Instagram is used for entertainment purposes. People on Instagram provide information but the entertaining element is always present in it. One great thing about Instagram is that you can also make social media friends from all over the world. Instagram groups provide great entertainment where you can share posts and discuss your interests and favorite things. Alot of production houses have also started releasing their movie or drama trailers on Instagram which is great news for entertainment lovers.


Features on instagram:

 Instagram has evolved a lot throughout the year. In the beginning instagram had just a few features but now instagram is adding more and more features non stop. Following are some very interesting features of instagram that you should try:

  • Story posting

  • IGTV (for longer videos)

  • Reels(for small videos)

  • Feed posting

  • Instagram filters

  • Video calls

  • Direct messages

  • Story highlights

The most interesting feature of instagram is ask me a question where your instagram friends ask you questions about anything. This feature is used by many people all over the world. Using hashtags also gives you the privilege to search things easily on instagram and you can also follow your favourite hashtags. Unsed message feature of instagram is very useful which is also copied in some other apps as well. Another feature of instagram is making your account private. This feature holds your privacy and makes instagram safe and secure for use. 

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