Use of Antioxidants, Green Tea and Margosa


Use fruits made in antioxidants to shield against coronavirus



The cure for the deadly coronavirus outbreak from China has not however been discovered, whereas the virus has wreaked mayhem around the world. In keeping with details, the globe Health Organization has additionally issued a high response to all countries to be safe from the virus. The Coronavirus has the potential to be transmitted from one person to another in an exceedingly healthy person. It's vital to require precautions to remain safe from the virus. Food and soft drinks additionally cause contagion in folks with weakened immune systems and youngsters. Health consultants say there's no cure, however, to avoid the virus, avoid thronged places, as well as look for centers. So as to forestall deadly virus, keep masks and gloves within the house. Girls and room employees ought to additionally wear gloves to wash the meat. Avoid feeding raw eggs and grilled meat. Health consultants say the contagion virus is typically caused by a scarcity of antioxidants within the body and a weakened system, therefore natural fruits containing antioxidants can help stop seasonal, canoe, malt flu. However, eat these fruits at the time of day and avoid feeding in the dead of night.

Green tea is best for hair beauty


Tea isn't solely helpful for clean skin, weight loss, and keeping cholesterin in balance, however, it additionally contains a treatment for hair loss. Tea additionally contains the compounds 'biodins' and 'catechins', which are naturally inhibitor ingredients. Each compound is thought to be a crucial ingredient in preventing hair loss.

the way to use tea in hair:

Add many teaspoons of tea to a liter of water and boil for a quarter-hour, then refrigerate once cool. Do this, wash your hair with an occasional chemical shampoo. Currently, massage tea in your hair for ten minutes and wash your hair with cold water, this method is perennial doubly per week. can stay clean and sleek. Hair Mask Take two teaspoons of tea, one teaspoon of oil, and one ingredient. Apply to the scalp, leave the mask on for fifteen to twenty minutes, then wash the hair with a light shampoo. Tea spray hair to higher vogue a twig bottle with Aloe vera gel (grinding, dissolving) and Let's add weight to tea, currently add many drops of oil of your alternative PRN and blend well. This resolution can keep hair shiny, free from environmental pollution and swish and it'll even be easier to vogue

The solution to several issues hidden within the Margosa



One of nature's most precious gifts is the margosa, every single particle that edges North American countries. whether or not they are fruits, leaves, or twigs. It's semi-antibacterial and thanks to its antioxidants, it's additionally terribly helpful in skin diseases. It's one among the blessings of nature that have only edges and no hurt. It removes blemishes and pimples on the face. 

Grind many dried leaves of Karnamadgarnim to create a powder, then combine perfume or water in it and apply it on your face, and after many minutes wash it off with cold water. It's helpful for all sorts of nail pimples. Boil a few leaves in an exceeding liter of water. 

Once water is lost, filter it and place it in an exceedingly bottle and clean your face like toner with it before progressing to bed, then in an exceedingly short time blackheads, whiteheads, blemishes, and dark circles can disappear. 

Melia Azadirachta oil Apply on your face daily in the dead of night and wash your face with cold water within the morning, you'll shortly see the positive results. 

If your skin is extremely sensitive and blackheads don't flee simply, dissolve 2 or 3 drops of Melia Azadirachta oil in water and apply it on the blackheads. With daily use, the blackheads can disappear and can not recur. Save feeding a teaspoon of water daily relieves joint pain. In addition to clearing the blood, intake additionally relieves constipation. 


If there's AN infection within the gums, rinse with semi-boiled water is extremely helpful. Best for hair. If the hair falls out an excessive amount and is simply too dry when shampooing, place half-boiled cold water within the hair at the tip. This water strengthens the hair roots. a touch little bit of any oil you employ for your hair. 


Massage the scalp with a touch of oil, it'll build your hair to grow quicker. terribly helpful for facial rejuvenation. to decorate the complexion and build the face beamy, wash and dry the Melia Azadirachta leaves and so grind it into a powder. Then build a paste by adding rose-leaf powder, yogurt, and a touch of milk during this powder. Apply this paste on the face for a quarter-hour. Then wash with water. Grind recent leaves to form a paste. Applying it on a burn doesn't cause infection and any wound, whether or not minor or dangerous, is well quickly if Melia Azadirachta oil is applied to the wound. Get rid of skin diseases. feeding recent leaves growing on margosa will cure not solely variola however additionally contagion. 


Melia Azadirachta leaves contain natural ingredients that facilitate the body. It clears the blood and liver and eliminates cutaneous sensation and cutaneous sensation.


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