Use My face| pay me 1.5 crore | Promobot!!

Use my face is a trending search of the month with millions of tweets and posts on social media. People are getting mad about it. What appeals to them the most in this message??


Technology is getting horrible with every coming day. People are getting more and more dependent on technology than human power.  They are basically working for the comfort of humans but in reality, they are replacing humans.


Human life is getting shrink due to technology. No outdoor gatherings, No celebrations, and finally No jobs!!


Yeah, you heard no jobs. There is already a high inflation rate in South Asian countries. This is why most of the youth in these country travels to western countries for earning their passive income.


But in the coming year, the human labor may get deceased by alternates. Yes, they are robots that are taking place of humans in all aspects of life.


Many businesses owner believes that buying robots would be only a one-time payment and also it would perform their tasks 24/7 without tiring and complaining. This is why the phrase of Use my face promobot is rushing the internet.


About a week ago, a company announced on its social media that they are paying 1.2 or 1.5 crores to each person who will let them use his face. This offer was universal with no bound-on borders, colors, or gender.


People got mad about it, they started sending applications to use my face promobot for money. Basically, they were not aware of the future risks but are ready to accept everything just for money.  Thus, the company closed accepting applications within a few days due to overloaded applications.


This rush of applications shows that how much people are tired from their poverty. But why did they ignore that this would also increase poverty with fewer jobs? Also, there are possible chances that life wouldn’t remain the same.


The continues development of artificial intelligence can bring severe change to human life. There are possible threats to robots’ invasion of humans.   With every passing second and every single feature increment in robots, life is getting riskier for humans.


Thus, for all those who submitted their applications for use in my face promobot search, think once again. There are many AI and robotics predicted articles available on the internet. They must bother them before allowing someone to use their face and voice for a lifetime.



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