Unique IP Address and how it works

IP Address is a numerical address assigned to the digital population. Let me make it simple, IP Address is just like assigning an address to a building. So, whenever you need to visit that location, you will use that address or IP address assigned to it.


In physical approaches, it is easier to find the desired location even with the same name. but in the online market, there are billion of locations that most crashes when they go on the same track.


This is where IP address comes in handy. Different websites are assigned with their IP addresses. These could be either unique or shared.


Assigning an IP address is in the hand of the hosting service provider. Small hosting companies have a limited number of servers. This is why they assign shared IP addresses to different websites.


So, keep in mind that if your website is working on a shared IP address, there are possible chances that your website gets blocked.


Many website developers and SEO managers suggest having a unique IP address. This would enable you to improve your website stability and impact on ranking.


The ranking factors matter when someone enters the domain name, the search engine compares it with the IP address assigned to it. Now if the IP address matches that domain name, you get access to that specific website.



If you are about to develop a new website and looking for a unique IP address, you can get connected with Hosters.pk that offers you a unique IP address that makes you stand out in crowd. 

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