Types of hosting, which one suits you

There are different types of web hosting services that basically serve the same feature with some extras.


These types are free web hosting, shared web hosting, dedicated web hosting, and many more. Different companies create new types with new offerings in their packages.


Each of these hosting services comes in different pricing and different features included in them. Let’s have a detailed view of these types of hosting;

Free web hosting

Free web hosting is as said in the title. Just like some paid companies, many vendors offer free web hosting services for people running their blogs or personal website to show their family or friends.


Nowadays, there are many companies offering free web hosting services but some of them are trustworthy. Many of them steal your data and spoil your website presence etc.


This is why many people deny that don’t go with free web hosting as it is not secure and not liable just like a paid one.  But it could be the best option for people who want to run a health blog or recipes blog.


Shared web hosting

Shared plans work like buying an internet modem and sharing cables with your neighbors. It helps divide your hosting costs by sharing them with other users. This type of hosting plan is mostly used by businesses having multiple branches.  


There could be some problems like the network going down when someone makes changes with scripts. Also, it can be interrupted by the amount of traffic on your network.


Shared web hosting can deal with these things by buying more space and data transfer rate. But keep in mind that shared web hosting would also be sharing data uploaded on the server.


Dedicated web hosting

This one becomes a costly option than the above hosting plans. The perks you can get in dedicated web hosting are like offering a whole server to your hosting requirements. This option becomes helpful for people having an expanded business that demands 100% uptime and a lot of storage.


Though dedicated web hosting is the best among all to choose for. But it demands some knowledge of server management due to some complexities.  But for people who already know the field of hosting and domains can easily use it.


Suppose if you are a newcomer in the field of business and want a dedicated web hosting plan, the hosting company can also offer you managed dedicated hosting. In this plan, the server management goes in hands of company experts.


They will be handling all the things and ensure that your website presence and access are on the go. Buying managed dedicated web hosting is therefore becoming the best option.


How to choose the one most suitable for your needs?

Most of the time it becomes hard to choose one most suitable solution for your hosting needs. As many are not aware of the online presence of websites and their system. Thus, instead of saving money or choosing the wrong way, first, consult with your website developer about your website needs and your potential customers. After getting a proper estimate you can better choose between the options free, shared, and dedicated hosting.

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