Transfer your WA chat history from Android to IOS

WhatsApp has remained the top choice for people love chatting and updating stories. It is also improving its user experience to help people make the best out of it.


The reason behind the fame of this application are higher security and privacy of data. Also it is the lightest application to be used on mobile data.


Recently, WhatsApp has announced a new improvement that its new version would enable people to transfer their chats from android to IOS.


Most of the time, we share important voice notes or message which we also want to check it whenever needed. But due to deletion or moving toward IOS, your whole chat vanishes out.


But with this latest feature, one can simple transfer chat and history by opening both apps. Once it is transferred, you can simply migrate to IOS or android. This feature is under testing and hopefully will be launched soon.


However the company has released many screen shots and tutorials of using this method. So this time, your WhatsApp experience is going to be revolutionized completely.

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