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Neelum Valley Vacation spots

In Azad Kashmir, Pakistan, there is a beautiful green valley called Neelum Valley. Pakistan's Neelum Valley is the country's best-known travel industry area. The Neelum Waterway goes through the 144-kilometer-long Neelum Valley. Taobut is where the Neelum Valley closes. The biggest locale in Azad Kashmir is Neelum Valley, which has Muzaffarabad as its capital. There are two fundamental ways of getting to Neelum Valley: from Abbottabad by means of the Gari-Habibullah street and from Murree through the Kohala street. Here are some of Neelum Valley's most shocking vacation spots.

  • Neelum Valley Vacation destinations
  • Dhani Cascade, first
  • LOC Chilhana
  • Cascade at Kutton
  • Athmuqam
  • Keran Valley
  • Upper Neelum
  • Primate Top
  • Dawarian
  • Lake Ratti Gali
  • Sharda Valley
  • Kel
  • ArrangKel
  • Taobut
  • End

Dhani Cascade, first

The primary vacationer location in Neelum Valley is the Dhani cascade. The Neelum Valley's biggest cascade is this one. Vacationers can partake in its magnificence in the late spring since it is dry in winter.

Individuals rush to Dhani Cascade, particularly in the mid-year, to get away from the harsh intensity that the country encounters. Numerous families run to these areas for help from the tireless seriousness of summer heat, consequently fighting nature with regular means. Most guests cool themselves in lakes where the cascades begin at their feet.

LOC Chilhana

The subsequent vacationer's best location for the travel industry in Pakistan in Neelum Valley is Chilhana LOC. Sightseers may now see the boundary between Indian-involved Kashmir and Azad Kashmir. Do you accept that it is an outing region with individuals having a great time there?

You may be frightened to discover that individuals from the two towns—from Indian-held Kashmir and Azad Kashmir—holler messages to each other across the line in a spot named Challiana (Neelum Valley). They can approach them.

Across the line, you can see Indian banners, the Indian Armed Forces, and Indian cannons. Individuals from this little town can never meet as a result of the Line of Control (LoC), which separates the two segments of Kashmir. On the two sides of the LoC, there is a settlement called Challiana. This town's Azad Kashmir and IOK segments are isolated by the line. To easily yell messages to their friends and family on the opposite side of the boundary, many expect the colder time of year when the waterway's stream and sound lull.

Cascade at Kutton

Kutton Falls is the most lovely cascade in Neelum Valley. It is the third-best travel site in Pakistan's Neelum Valley. The Kundal Shahi cascade is the official name of this cascade on account of its situation in Kundal Shahi town in the Neelum valley. Since its water comes from Kutton, it is known as the Kutton cascade.

Streams and cascades are among the Neelum Valley's primary draws. Especially tempting are the serene settings, cascades, and lovely vistas of the settlement. The occupants of Kutton are extremely liberal and kind to guests. The best season to visit Kutton Town is mid-year. Due to the quiet climate of the town, individuals in Kutton feel great and satisfied.

Streams and cascades are among the Neelum Valley's primary draws. Especially tempting are the serene settings, cascades, and exquisite vistas of the settlement. The inhabitants of Kutton are really liberal and kind to guests. The best season to visit Kutton Town is in the late spring. In view of the quiet atmosphere of the town, individuals in Kutton feel good and satisfied.


Athmuqam is 73 kilometers from Muzaffarabad. It had a standing as an essential vacation destination where individuals could buy neighborhood-crafted works. In Athmuqam, there are banks and mail depots. The biggest market for products in the Neelum Valley is Atthmuqam.

Athmuqam is a town in Pakistan's Azad Kashmir territory's Neelum Valley. The Neelum Area's authoritative center point is arranged around 120 kilometers east of Muzaffarabad, the capital of Azad Kashmir. The town is encompassed by mountains and is found where the Neelum and Jhelum Waterways meet. With its timberlands, waterways, and mountain streams, the locale is prestigious for its regular magnificence. The region is home to various travel locales, including the Kutton Cascade, various sanctuaries and places of worship, and the remaining parts of an old stronghold. A popular vacation spot in Pakistan, the Neelum Valley is prestigious for its stunning view and its broad social and verifiable past.

Keran Valley

In the Neelum Valley, close to the Neelum Stream, sits the wonderful little town of Keran. For explorers, Keran Valley offers every one of the fundamental conveniences. For the Rattgali outing, vacationers can reserve a vehicle spot in Keran. In Keran, there are also great, immaculate inns accessible for short-term visits.

Keran, a town and place to get away in Pakistan's Azad Kashmir, is situated in the Neelum Valley. On the Neelum Stream bank, at a height of 1,524 meters, it is located 93 kilometers from Muzaffarabad. 2.5 kilometers separate this area from Neelam town.

Upper Neelum

The Neelum Valley has the little town of Upper Neelum. While visiting the Neelum Valley, it is the most beautiful region to remain. It additionally goes by the name "Upper Keran" on account of its closeness to Keran. The Neelum Waterway, Keran Town, and Indian-Involved Kashmir may be in every way seen in amazing subtlety by travelers. For a night's visit, Upper Keran has exquisite lodgings. Lodging in Upper Neelum and Upper Keran can be booked online by explorers.


Baboon Top


A verdant and beautiful glade called Monkey Top is an eight-hour drive from Upper Neelum. Simply 4x4 Jeeps can get to it. It has two fundamental highways, one coming from Upper Keran and the other from Kutton. On the off chance that you intend to visit Neelum Valley, Primate Top ought to be remembered for your schedule since it is a dazzling and serene vacation location.


Close to Keran town lies a little town called Dawarian. Lodgings are presented in Dawarian. Guests to Rattigali can take jeeps from Dawarian.

Lake Ratti Gali

In Neelum Valley, Ratti Gali Lake is the most shocking lake. In the Neelum Valley, this lake lies near the networks of Keran and Dawarian. Just 44 Jeeps approach the Ratti Gali Lake Neelum Valley. Keran and Dawarian both lease Jeeps for Ratti Gali Lake. Rattigali Lake has no lodgings; in any case, guests can remain in the camping areas that are presented at Rattigali Headquarters. There are satellite telephones accessible for crisis calls, along with all fundamental conveniences like eateries or dhabbas.

Sharda Valley

The Neelum Valley's most famous and notable vacationer location is Sharda. The Neelum Valley's beautiful inns are concentrated around Sharda. Sharda has various beautiful spots to see, like the Sharda Sanctuary, Sharda College, Kishan Ghati, and numerous others. Some Sharda lodging proprietors likewise offer sailing on the Neelum Stream.


Kel is a small settlement in the Neelum Valley. The driving time from Sharda to Kel is 60 minutes. The street prompting Kel is poor. To head out to Kel, travelers normally lease jeeps from Sharda. The Ajk The travel industry office's visitor house is open for short-term visits in Kel. Pakistan's military-run offices incorporate a medical clinic and a school.


In Azad Kashmir, there is a little yet exquisite vacationer site called ArrnagKel. It very well may be gotten to by a streetcar operated by the Pakistan Armed Forces, and from that point forward, it is a very nearly 30-minute climb. The ideal area for a short-term visit is Arrang Kel. ArrangeKel offers exquisite housing choices at sensible costs.

Most guests to Neelum Valley travel to this slope station in view of its rich green environmental factors. Facilities and feasts are more costly here than they are elsewhere, which raises traveler objections in the Neelum Valley since it isn't associated with roadways. Having some food will be helpful. A stay in Arang Kel would be the most exquisite and extraordinary evening of your life, particularly with a full moon.

Arang Kel has a superb climate throughout the late spring; however, it will be covered in snow throughout the colder time of year, making access difficult. As the town is on a slope, there is a lovely, cool wind constantly coming from the Nanga Parbat side. The perspective on Arang Kel is more fabulous because of the pondering beams of daylight on the cottage rooftops. It is a great chance to notice the Nanga Parbat top, as the climate in the first part of the day is ordinarily clear.


The last, generally significant, and most dazzling travel objective in Neelum Valley is Taobut. To make a trip to Neelum Valley, remember to remember Taobut for your itinerary. Just 4x4 Jeeps that are accessible from Kel can go to Taobut. Taobut is a little local area with few conveniences. Lodgings and eateries are not accessible in Taobut. In Taobut Neelum Valley, there are only two lodgings.


Perhaps the most famous excursion in Pakistan is the Neelum Valley Visit. Numerous homegrown sightseers from all over the nation visit the valley. It is arranged in Pakistan's Azad Kashmir, its northernmost district.

From verdant green valleys to snow-covered mountains, the Neelum Valley Visit offers a different scope of normal excellence. Around 20 kilometers from Muzaffarabad is this beautiful valley. Beginning in Muzaffarabad, Neelum Street stretches out for almost 200 kilometers. On the bank of the Neelum Stream, where the Line of Control between India and Pakistan is found, the banners of the two countries fly gladly on the side of their separate militaries. With its staggering regular environmental factors, Neelum Valley dumbfounds a great deal of vacationers, voyagers, and picture takers.

April through September is the best chance to reserve a spot for a Neelum Valley visit. Winters bring a ton of snow, and subsequently, the interfacing streets are much of the time discouraged by the collection.

An excursion through Muzaffarabad on the Murree Motorway withdraws from Islamabad to start the visit through the Neelum Valley.

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