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Paranormal activities are part of our lives. Whether it will be recorded or happening in reality, we all are interested in knowing about it. Even in our families, we all have an uncle or aunt to narrate some old stories at their age.

Sometimes these stories seem to be funny and self-created, and sometimes we personally feel it. But in all the cases, we humans are tough to know about paranormal. Even nowadays, many boys in the group are becoming ghost hunters and tracking paranormal activities in their surroundings.

By noticing such a craze of investigating horror and paranormal, Pakistani dramatists wrote many scary dramas and were interested in watching.  Here in this article, we will get to know about some of the most popular paranormal shows. Here we go;


1.      Belapur ki Dayan

One of the most trending dramas over the internet and tv channel is HUM TV drama "Bailapur ki Dayan". This drama started getting the attention of people with its amazing and super scary scenes. Moreover, all the paranormal activities in this drama make it fully ideal as a paranormal show.

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Basically, the story of this drama revolves around murder and revenge, which was mysteriously hidden at the beginning of this drama. Neelofur, a girl who got wronged by her stepbrother and killed while solving the home issues, was Dayan in the drama.

She targeted Amar khan and haunted him for taking revenge. The whole family is getting disturbed by their actions, and there is no solution for that.  All the scariest scenes in this drama and the use of animations make it a perfect horror show to watch.


2.      Dill Nawaz

The second in the list comes from the A-plus tv channel. However, all the dramas from A-plus get ranked due to their plots and characterization. But this one somehow got criticized and earned a critical reputation.

Actually, this drama goes against the assumptions of humans regarding paranormal activities and souls. The Jinn of this Drama is actually a beautiful woman, the leading character played by Neelum Munir. She falls in love with a boy and surrounds him every time.

Dil Nawaz Episodes 4-5 Horror done right | mynewpersona

She also damages all others who try to create distances between that boy and her. Now the mean of criticism was its characterization. Though its reality that most of the time, Jinn falls in love with humans but to the facts, they are not beautiful and hot.

So, if the Jinn would be beautiful like this one in Dill Nawaz drama, I would surely fall into a relationship with her. Obviously funny yet scarring due to the sounds used in drama and the surprising appearance of Neelam Munir. So, watch the drama and judge it by your opinions and perceptions. I hope if I get a ghost meter and hunt such a hot and beautiful Jinn.


3.      Dareecha

Though this drama is an older one but has its strong roots in the ranking of top Pakistani paranormal shows, Dareecha was the drama released in 2011 by ARY DIGITAL. This drama basis on black magic and its devastation in human's life. You can relate it with ed and Lorraine's efforts of fighting with black magic.

Dareecha (TV Series 2011–2012) - IMDb

Also, you will see some action scenes and ghost hunting. Hopefully, this drama will become a piece of interest for you with the greater story.


4.      Bandish

The second last but most interesting among all due to the story is Bandish. I don't know why people ranked it 4th, but in my opinion, it was one of the best paranormal shows.

The story of this show revolves around a love affair that leads to huge chaos in future. A man traps a girl for a relationship and then marries someone else. She takes revenge by asking her sister to marry him and ruining his whole life.

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She tries black magic and haunts her daughter to stop her from marrying and defaming their family. The whole drama is very interesting and full of emotions. It tells us that never wrong someone if you are going to have a family in future. So, watch the drama and let me know if you liked it or not and how much you rank it.


5.      Lal Mai

Lal mai is Pakistan's first tv drama that is recording and playing supernatural powers. This drama captures viewers' attention by narrating the reality that paranormal souls also feel summer and winter. The main story starts from the scene where the child is endangered due to supernatural powers. So, watch the drama and let me know whether their casting and plot were interesting or not.



The paranormal shows are becoming the second interest throughout the world. People are now becoming ghost hunters on YouTube and earning higher revenue.  But in my opinion, without any preparation recording, such a real-life video is not a smarter idea. We are humans, and we must stay away from other living beings.



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