Top Future Predictions that would change the world

No one can ignore the interpretation of technology in our lives. In comparison to our past, we are now more dependent on technology and predict its future. We are now less fearful than our ancestors in case of life and death.

Though technology made many impossibilities possible but there are still some cons that convert into extreme chaos. Even some people believe that the more technology grows, the more significant crisis will happen. But that's not a matter of facts.

If we study science and technology, predictions from our past to present technology has blessed us with extreme comforts. Our travel, restroom, and working environment have now become a piece of soft melting cheese.

Therefore, to study the implementation of future technologies, I have made some research and watched many videos to bring some horrible and pleasant facts in front of you.

So here we go;


1)      Human clones


You might be wondering that why I mentioned the horrible fact at the start? So, this is why because we are doing it all for humans. What if we got replaced? That's why bringing your attention to these technology predictions was necessary.

3d render. Human clones in futuristic room

How many of us are aware of Artificial intelligence? Approximately 70% of educated youth. Even they don't know correctly what is AI and technology predictions.

We have seen that robots are working in hotels, supplying food and beverages. In recent years, we saw the first AI female get admission to an American university. She can talk, walk and understand and reply similar to human students.

Didn't you think the increasing advancement of these human clones is horrible? How many of you have watched I, robot? That movie was a precise prediction of technology in the near future. And I am damn sure that it's about to happen as people are going to believe in AI brains more than their own.


2)      Lab-made dairy


Though the use of machinery in dairy works made it easier for us to get more products from milk. But didn't you think it's unfair with animals whom we treat in such a way?

According to my childhood views, I have seen my cows giving milk in bulk with an excellent taste without any harmful fertilizer or chemical injections. But by the time, humans become greedier and demand more fruits from fewer resources.

Furano, Hokkaido, Japan. July 22,2015 The Cheese Factory is known for its farm products made from Furano milk,

Consequently, our animals are now becoming a source of multiple diseases for us. So now many doctors advise that you don't drink open milk but pack one. Though we all know that fresh milk serves more than processed one we also believe that fresh milk now contains diseases.

I want to ask a question from technology predictions that who is responsible for those diseases? Did animals produce them on my own? Obviously, no.

But somehow, it is shown in recent research reports that we can produce most of the dairy products in the lab, which would be delivering the same taste and nutrition. Though it's a pleasure for us to enjoy cheaper dairy items, I think those items might contain more chemicals than our fresh ones. But there are many possibilities of saver delivery of those dairy items after test researches.


3)      Artificial brain


The most significant invention that is upcoming and still under test is the artificial brain. So, for people who don't understand artificial brains, let me clear for them.

We dream of different events that we often forget in the morning. Sometimes these dreams come by instance, and sometimes they are backed from our recently watched things. So did you want your dreams to be captured? Do you want to predict for happenings with you?

Obviously, everyone would say yes. But what about the risk connected with it. All this is going to be possible in the near future. Regarding expert technology investigators and tech predictions, Japan has prepared an artificial brain that can perform all the tasks and record them in virtual form.

Artificial Intelligence, Brain, Think

Suppose if you imagine harming someone, it would be captured by that artificial brain. According to some recent news, Japan has tested it over a human and recorded his dream in video sequences.

Seems to be pleasant but terrible, actually. As there are chances that one can get paralyzed. Also, one can be hacked bodily if an AI brain conquers a human brain.


4)      Living concrete


We all have listened to and discussed about living beings. But, did you ever discuss non-living but actually living concrete?

Buraah! Seems to be funny, but it is a fact. As we are discussing future predictions so these astounding models should be discussed. According to me, it's the only technological advancement that doesn't have any hazard.

Actually, bacteria are proved that they live with us more than us. Even some bacteria have been living on earth before our existence. Those bacteria healed themselves and survived by all the circumstances.

Now, who cares if these bacteria become an actual part of our lives. According to the University of Colorado Boulder, they had prepared a unique formula with bacteria that can heal itself when got broken.

Garage Floors, Balconies, Plants, Facade

This technology would revolutionize the construction industry as concrete consumes in a broader ratio; that's why an alternative was essential. Also, earthquakes were the biggest problem in the past.

But according to that team, this concrete can bear maximum load and repair all the broken parts by own. So, what's more, needed when it all would be available sooner. Thus, we can say this is one of the best technology predictions ever in favor of humans.



Technology is God-gifted but not God's replacer. Though developments for the sake of humans are good, interfering in God's matter would result in chaos. Like storing humans to revitalize them. Practicing immortality on humans and cloning animals may result in the devastation of human beings. To conclude, we must bother our knowledge to enhance human beings rather than creating troubles and chaos for each other. If you like my article, kindly comment your ideas about these predictions.

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