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Top Battle Royale Games on Mobile:



Number one on today's list is pixel gun 3d. Sometimes you want battle royale but having that pixelated Minecraft look. This game has you covered if that's what you're looking for you can use long-range weapons short-range weapons no matter what kind of weapons you're into this game has you covered and again it definitely has that Minecraft feel is this Minecraft “no” is it a look-alike Minecraft game, “yes” but in this one, you get to blow things up.



Number two on today's list is A3 still alive and very different from any other battle royale game you've ever seen before because this game is an action RPG with a battle royale mode in the battle royale mode you'll be dropping into a world with nothing you'll need to slay demons and monsters so that you can unlock weapons gear and abilities and then you will finally be able to fight the others that have dropped into the same world everyone looks at action RPGs right now and no one thinks battle royale in addition to that everyone who plays battle royale games right now never thinks action RPGs they're typically a shooter genre but a3 still alive takes those two different elements and puts them together into one game an action RPG melee and wizardry style game in a battle royale format



One of the most popular battle royale games outside of North America is free fire.  This game is very much like a few other games that we're gonna look at on today's list but the following is massive squad up or go in solo drop into the world pick up your weapons I mean sounds familiar you do this in all battle royale games but this one are so popular with a massive community behind it that you can get into and stick with for the long haul, you can't go wrong with free fire.



I'm looking out for your battle royale doesn't have to be so serious all the time battle lands makes it a much more of a casual look but also extremely fun battle royale mayhem with these little childish looking characters top-down look tons of fun all of these characters having different abilities elements and play styles which can all fit to something that you are looking to do. This one is a ton of fun, definitely a bit more casual but worth downloading.



PUBG mobile is probably one of the battle royale games on mobile devices that really popularized battle royale on mobile probably some of the best battle royale games that you can get are here within PUBG mobile not only that they are always updating their game new skins and drop boxes all the time new game modes and you know what they are in esports as well practice getting good form a team and maybe you can even be a competitive player.



Cyber hunter maybe you're looking for a game that does not have as large of a community better chances to be one of the best insides of the game either way cyber hunter has its own look and feels a little bit more futuristic than other games that we saw so far on today's list that I mean you could eat out of a can that's kind of cool use a spoon of course but this one is another one of those battle royale options again taking place in a more futuristic setting this is a good game and worth downloading.



If you like Fortnite you're going to love creative destruction this game makes building easy and its part of the reason why I really enjoyed playing it when I did with Fortnite building can get annoying it could be difficult maybe it's not your type of gameplay in creative destruction you are still able to build things but it's with an easy click of a button no extra mechanics are needed on top of that you have some really great gameplay the battles inside of this game are epic on point and a ton of fun, it definitely has a fort-like look and feels without actually being Fortnite creative destruction is a ton of fun one of my favourites from today's list


Well, fog is very similar although very different with more of a cartoony style. The fog you battle in an arena where you drop into the world, beat things down for better weapons and better upgrades and then fight other people when you fight. These Other people, you can grab their loot and then you could just continuously get stronger to try and be the last person standing in this PVP battle with battle royale characteristics such as the fog or the poison that will come and close in on you making your battle play smaller fog battle royale stands out mixing the two genres as a3 still alive did but this game is focused solely on battle royale there are no other elements to this game but battle royale and they do it well I sat down and played quite a bit of this one and had a ton of fun and I think that you will too.

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