Top 5 startup ideas for business with low investment in Pakistan

Top 5 startup ideas for business with low investment in Pakistan

Pakistan is an emerging market for business and investment. Due to the centralized part of south Asian countries, Pakistan has its golden value in trading and other aspects.

We can demonstrate it in few examples like the CPEC project, Gwadar port, and many other developing projects to help other countries perform their trade.

But within a couple of years, the economic condition started devastating due to lockdown. COVID-19 has fully ruined the earnings of people and their jobs.

Now leave it back to what had happened in the past; there is a brighter future ahead with startup ideas business for Pakistani peoples. These startup ideas in Pakistan are not only for physical but as well as startups online.

Therefore, to enjoy the perks of having your own business and being your own boss, have a look at some of the best startup ideas in Pakistan;

1.      Real estate business

The real estate business is one of the best startups for business in Pakistan. As Pakistan is emerging and building its global reputation for investments, many town schemes exist in different cities. So people having some spare money are investing in those towns and earning lakhs.

The rates of properties are touching the sky within a shorter period. This is why it is becoming the best startup idea in Pakistan by investing a few lakhs in the land. So even without cutting of towns, you can buy some area and sale it within huge profit.

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Let me make it simpler with an example;

About 10 to 15 years ago, Wapda Town Gujranwala was an abandoned place only used for agricultural purposes. But within few years, that location has become the residence of the elite class with thousands of earning opportunities there. People who bought the property in pies are now earning crores from those little patches of land.


2.      Event Management Company

The second small business idea in Pakistan could be an event management company. This startup idea for a business doesn't cost much but 2 to 5 lakhs depending on the scale of your company.

In this startup idea business, you need to follow some market research and analysis for a successful startup. Most of us attend different weddings and events, and we got to know how they manage things.

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All those ideas and analyses can help you establish your own company. Also, people in Pakistan are now developing and moving toward organized event management companies rather than doing it locally.

Therefore, build up your quality and level of event management and get more customers. Always go with a customer-first strategy and make your dreams come true.


3.      Agriculture and seeds company

A larger part of Pakistan's economy is from agriculture and its relevant sectors. So then, didn't you think it could be one of the best startup ideas in Pakistan? Obviously, yes, but it demands some skills of management and relevant field.

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In some cities of Pakistan like Hafizabad and Gujranwala, seeds companies are proven to a successful businesses. You can visit their offices and got to know how organized they are. Actually, it all starts from a startup and some skills and then comes true with some effort. So, if you belong to a farmer family, enter this business and see the faster success.


4.      Restaurants and fast food joints

The food industry is spreading with huge growth throughout the world. Nowadays, 90% of our TV commercials and social media ads are covered with food items and new offers.

Also, the food trends in Pakistan are shifting from local recipes toward fast food and foreign recipes. So people are neglecting their traditions and adopting the new trends of fast foods. That is why every newly opening fast-food brand gets a higher reputation within few days.

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You can estimate the business of food in Pakistan by the tv commercials and the people around you. Even the topic of discussion has become brandy food, then what stops you from this startup idea for business.

If you are personally a fast food chef, it will increase customer loyalty with thorough feedback. Also, you can hire one or two chefs and some boys as a waiter. There would be no more cost than two lakhs and earning would be around 30 to 50 thousand in first few months.


5.      Photography and studio

Last but not least, starting a photography and studio is one of the best small business ideas in Pakistan. Basically, this business demands some photography skills and a shop to work smoothly. You can also learn from different organizations and kickstart your business that charges approximately 1 lakh or less. Moreover, you can earn higher by winning wedding events, big shoot events, and custom shooting prices within fewer amounts. Thus, there is no limit to earning in this field.

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Final words;

Startups ideas for business demands some study and investment as no business becomes successful in a day, so you have to wait and struggle for it. However, you can also go for startup ideas online, which would also help you start your business with the most minimalist investment.




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