Top 5 haunted places in Pakistan

Pakistan is a country of great charm and people of great hospitality. They are a nation of kindness and open hearts. Whenever someone intruder visits them, they don’t charge for anything they buy.

The hilly areas of Pakistan are also counted as the world's best tourists spots to visit. Every year there are millions of tourists visiting Murree, Hunza, Chitral valley and other areas.

The locally prepared dishes in Gujranwala are also winning the tastes of people. Nowadays, many restaurants are offering Chinese, continental dishes, and other foreign recipes.

 But among all these beauties, there are some terrible things to know as well. People who are ghostbusters and have the interest to visit horrible places, they must need to visit these horrible places.

Today, we are going to discuss some best horror spots that are in cities but still carry some of the horrors. So, let’s start with it;


1)      Mohatta House Karachi

Mohatta House in Karachi is one of the masterpieces of Pre partition India. This is a beautiful building currently used as a museum in Karachi. Not only a museum but also a great place to visit with beautiful architecture and garden in surroundings.

Mohatta Palace Museum: Most Haunted Place in Karachi

This beautiful piece of architecture was owned by an Indian trader, Shivratan chandraratan Mohatta.  This beauty is not only the place of charm but horror. Many people say that this museum is haunted and the spirit of mohatta is here. Therefore, if you visited this museum in morning times in crowed, make a plan to visit it in the night time. You may get to know if it is haunted actually or just a myth.


2)      Shamshan Ghat Hyderabad

The second most horrible place ever in Pakistan is Shamshan Ghat Hyderabad. This is a place of graves where people are buried when they die.

In this graveyard or shamshan ghat, people have clearly seen some paranormal activities and are eyewitnesses to them. The guards working nearer that graveyard say that they heard the voices screaming and watch children playing in the graveyard.

Hunted Shamshan Ghat Hyderabad, Pakistan

Those who don’t believe in paranormal and ghosts shall visit this place and get an idea. I would suggest you be careful while visiting it as it could be dangerous to visit other places.


3)      Sheikhupura Fort, Lahore

It's not a big deal that historical buildings in Pakistan are about to demolish. You can visit all the cities of Pakistan and surely you would get to know about different such historical buildings standing in demolishing state.

Sheikhupura fort is also one of those historical buildings that are about to die and no one cares about them. Most people say that if someone goes to repair it the bad spirits punish them and throw their tools outside.

The crumbling glory of Sheikhupura Fort - Pakistan - DAWN.COM

This incident was narrated by the locals living there. Now if someone outsider wants to visit it, they shall approach this place with some safety. And if there is nothing they shall appeal to the government for their rehabilitation.


4)      Shireen Cinema

Many of us have watched the movie conjuring and we all know how dangerous that movie was. What if you can experience the same thing in real life? Yes, it's true.

In Shireen cinema Karachi, people said that they saw some shadows moving in front audience. It was not about a single person or two persons. A whole cinema experienced it. That’s why this cinema is now abandoned and no one visits it.

Dare To Spend A Night In These 5 Haunted Places Of Karachi With Ghosts &  Supernatural Creatures

You can personally visit this cinema as it opens to all for visit. Let us know in the comment if you planned to visit this cinema really. We shall pray for you to have a safe journey there and return safe and sound.


5)      Jheel Saif-ul-Malook

One of the best tourist spots in Pakistan is lake Saif-ul-Malook. This lake is enriched with natural beauty and reflects the true sense of nature. But behind the beauty of this Lake, there is a story that is continuing from ancestors that there was a prince of Persia who falls in love with the fairy princess.

Travel Guide and Mythical Story of Lake Saif-ul-Malook, Pakistan

Both of them love each other but the love triangle was added to the demon who killed both of them. It is said that the fairies are still there crying in the night in the sorrows of their princess's death. But this is not confirmed, if you visited this lake roam about it completely and notice if you listen to any voice.


Final words;

Horror and haunted places are not just place of entertainment. These are harmful as you are entering someone’s territory. Ghosts and paranormal are also living beings. Therefore, if you challenge them or tease them, you may need to pay. Also, if you are a ghostbuster, don’t forget to adopt all the safety measures before visiting these places. As these living beings are stronger than humans.



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