Top 5 employee recognition ideas to show appreciation

Employees are the most vital part of an organization. People having high aims and motivation toward success couldn't succeed if they didn't have the right tools in the kit.

Employees have somehow the same roots as an iron bar which starts getting rustier once it is ignored. Similarly, your organization may get rust if you are ignoring employees.

According to an American survey report, 90% of employees were asked for their satisfaction, and they claimed that they never get recognized. They put their best, but companies never reward them.

Thus, employee recognition is crucial to your company’s success. Today, we are going to discuss some easier-to-manage and cost-effective employee recognition ideas that work. So, let’s move toward it;


1)      Sending a note or attaching a sticky note

The very first thing that an employee sees when they enter their office is their cabinet. Did you think this cabinet can be utilized for their satisfaction? Yeah, of course.

What you need to do is to send a handwritten thank-you note with the appreciation they did for your company. This would be working as a healer toward all complaints and a motivating action.


If you think you want to make them more surprised, then attaching a sticky note to your table is the best idea. Put some appreciation remarks on it and stick it to their cabinet; on the next day, when they will see it, their smile would be beyond expectations.


2)      Bi-weekly meetings appreciation

The second and most important is bi-weekly meetings appreciations. Again, arranging these meetings would be a lot beneficial in many aspects.

First of all, it would make their mind to work regularly as it would be asked in the meeting. Secondly, they would be prepared for some harsh attitudes but got served with surprising appreciation.

Thirdly it would provoke a mental motivation in them for this achievement, and they will also work hard for that achievement.

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With these bi-weekly meetings, there would be an environment of peer-to-peer feedback that helps your employees to improve and grow.


3)      Arranging meals

Nothing could be more enjoyable than a dinner with your team. Suppose they are working and tired thoroughly. Now they are aspiring to get a leave and watch a cricket match at home or movie.

What if you plan their aspirations in office? A great surprise and chance of winning their hearts. Employee loyalty can only be achieved when you think for them.

So, arranging meals could be the best idea for employee recognition. Also, don't forget to announce the names of employees to build up their morale.

Add these meals to your culture, making your employees feel loyal to you and your business or company.

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These meals are not weekly or monthly. You can plan for special occasions like cricket matches or on the release of blockbuster movies. Believe me, it would be a tactic of boosting employee emotions, and on the next day, they would be prepared for a new mission and target.


4)      Instant incentives awarding

The before last and best one among all could be given incentives as an award. I remember when I was doing my very first job. I won a client by delivering quality work, and he became our long-term client.

My boss became happy with me and awarded me with free lunch throughout my working tenure. It gave me goosebumps and the pleasure of doing something for the company.

Similarly, you can also use this strategy and award an incentive instantly that makes another employee amazed and crazy for that. They would work harder than before to prove that we can also achieve it.

These incentives could be in the form of free lunch from the company's budget or giving gym expenses or mobile expenses.

So, utilize this strategy to maximize the goals of achieving speed.


5)      Rewarding off days or planning tours

Usually, in companies, some employers allow a specific number of leaves in a year. So people add up their leaves and don't waste them to use in case of their emergencies.

A similar thing could work magically for employees who are tired from continuous work. Let them take a deep breath under their enjoyment period. Those who work amazingly and achieve their target should be allowed to have some paid leaves to refreshens themselves.

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The second thing is offering company tours. A tour makes their life enjoyable and refreshing. Thus, to boost their productivity and creativity, make them refreshed with a yearly tour from the company's budget. It would let them be refreshed as well as packed with a company favor and loyalty.


Final words;


Though a company's success should be the first priority of all the employees, even that company must arrange something for employee’s refreshment as continued work brings about tiredness and lack of interest. So, to make them aligned in position and engaged with company goals, sort out some cost-effective employee recognition ideas and make them realize that their satisfaction is your priority. 

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