Top 5 benefits of activated charcoal to human health

Charcoal is an amazing blessing of nature that is being used worldwide. There are numerous usages and types of charcoal which we use depending on our purposes and needs.


These types could be either by nature or created under labs or testing. The one which we usually use for skin and inner body is activated charcoal. This material is prepared by applying heat and pressure to minimize its particles and make it activated.


This is how it differs from the one you use in making your barbeques. There are a plethora of benefits for human health from which we are going to discuss some important ones.


  1. Curing kidney diseases

Activated charcoal has been used many times in the past for many issues. One of the effective usages of activated charcoal is purifying the urinal tract from urea and other materials that causes stone.

Facial mask and scrub by activated charcoal powder on wooden table

Thus if you are suffering from kidney pain and kidney stone issue, have some activated charcoal. It is also effective in reducing the urea levels in the blood.


            2) eliminate fish odor syndrome

The second most influential benefit which might be your search is eliminating dish odor syndrome. This disease causes one to be smelly either breathing, sweating, or peeing.

Enzyme work causing fish odor syndrome has shown development

In this disease, a special type of compound goes excessive and causes smell in the body. This could be easily extinguished with a little consumption of activated charcoal. It would reduce the quantity of that specific compound in blood and hence cure the smelly issues.


           3)alcohol hangover reducing

One can call it alcohol poisoning and hangover reduction. Yes, it is the most effective medicine to take if you are drunk and now want to get back home. Take some amount of activated charcoal and make yourself light weighted. Also, it would help you prevent the fatality of high alcohol consumption.


          4)water cleaning

Suppose you are in a hilly area or a village. What about the thirst and need for water? Did you planned for it? Are you going to take a watering can along with you?


Stop buddy! Here is a smarter option, activated charcoal. A mid-size piece of activated charcoal would clean your whole jug of water just like a drop of ink thrown into the water. You can simply try this magic by doing it. Once you did try the taste of water.


Activated charcoal minimizes the level of bacteria and sucks the dirty particles from water. This is what you may have seen in most TV commercials.


         5)quick poison remedy

The most horrible scene could be watching someone eating poison. If you have ever faced this situation and feel helpless to provide aid, don’t worry. From this time, you would be careful and help others as well.

Activated Charcoal: Health Benefits, Uses, Side Effects

Studies have shown that a specific amount of activated charcoal would reduce the absorption of toxins in the blood. Thus, it could be an effective remedy for curing the poison issues.


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