Top 4 Disadvantages of using a free web hosting service

The technological development of businesses demands a cutting-edge website and really fast hosting. Hosting is what makes your website visible to your online audience. But if you are choosing free web hosting service for your serious demands of business, then it could be the worst ever step.

Free web hosting services are usually worth using for educational purposes and personal blogs. They have many limitations or disadvantages which may spoil your whole business or efforts regarding your website presence.

so avoiding freebie services, here are some disadvantages which would help you knowing that paid web hosting services are always best.


Customer support

The first and major issue which usually we all wants to avoid is website downtime. But what if it goes down? Do you think you will get customer support for your issue?

Surely No, because there is no proper support staff in free web hosting companies. They have no enough budget to employee staff. But one only thing which you can do is asking your query in user forum. Until it gets fixed or you got a proper solution, you have to face this issue and whole system would be paused.

Free web hosting from middleman

The second major increasing issue is reselling hosting services. Though there are good resellers in the market. But some people start offering free web hosting to trap you in their web hosting plans. Once you get tired of free web hosting issues, they would offer you a cheap price to buy their plan.

Therefore, it is advised to avoid reseller hosting services especially those who are offering free hosting service even when they have paid plans.


Forceful advertisement

Advertisement is a good way of earning revenue along with sales of services through website. But this advertisement is always under some limits to avoid visitors’ disturbance. But in free web hosting services, they forcefully place advertisement on your website.

This advertisement could be either on top, side bars or bottom. These ads could be possibly same as your business does, so it could be like smashing your own head in a wall knowing it is deadly act. So, if you don’t want such things, avoid going with free web hosting services no matter how good they are.

Editing of website

The last and most crucial factor that proves that free web hosting doesn’t worth it is editing of website. There are rare chances that you get a control panel to edit your website, add new content, images or install themes or plugins etc.


It means that you are bounded to one theme which you have selected and filled with content. So instead of wasting your all efforts of uploading content and designing your website on free web hosting websites, get a paid one.


Free web hosting services are very limited and they have plethora of issues which proves that going with free web hosting is not less beating about the bush. There are many paid hosting services which can offer you lower price but at least they have support system and other things. Also, there are high risks of data hacking and website down time due to unlimited hackers using free hosting services. To Sum up, free hosting services doesn’t worth using.

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