TOP 10 VIRAL Tiktok Gadgets!

we're about to test the most viral gadgets on Tick Tock to find out if lots of views actually mean something is good okay let's watch some tick tocks starting with 120 000 views to go onto Amazon you get a piece of acrylic and stick it on your exercise bike I have some doubts about the stability I can't believe how much this thing cost.

1.  Exersize Bike A Cycle Desk Tray

TOP 10 VIRAL Tiktok Gadgets!

thought it was gonna be ten dollars it's 60. so we've got two very satisfying

looking for peels to pull off here ah that was better than any phone peel

I've never experienced very appealing I was appalled okay it's

on it's actually scraped a little bit of the material away it's not a great start

so to be fair it does allow me to accomplish the core task of using my

laptop while I'm exercising it's just a little bit wobbly and also it doesn't

quite come out close enough to be comfortable for me to perch .

5 out of 10

say this is a 5 out of 10 for the price so moving all the way up to 300 000

views right now it's a bin for your smartphone so it's saying that this

right here whoosh is the official screen cleaning fluid that Apple uses to keep

their store models as shiny as possible I'm not gonna lie the side-by-side is a

little bit sus Well it looks nice.

2.    WHOOSH! Screen Cleaner

TOP 10 VIRAL Tiktok Gadgets!

premium and it does come with a microfiber cloth in the box which is

always nice all right so let's just say you have a dirty phone like a very very

dirty phone I really like the fact that this is properly industrial-sized

equipment like this is a 500 mL bottle of fluid okay all right let's do the

honors oh it takes a second to get warmed up oh yeah that's the stuff not actually

colorless like I was expecting the fluid itself already kind of looks a bit dirty the sacred swipe is very good actually so literally within two strokes of the cloth that is

what it looks like wow I think I have to give this a 9 out of 10 the only real

the downside is that it does kind of cause a bit of a mess so apparently this gadget solves your wardrobe space problems it's like two hooks that can actually support six different pieces of clothing does that actually save space this is definitely true.


TOP 10 VIRAL Tiktok Gadgets!

one of the stranger products that's arrived on my doorstep okay so this is

what five shirts would normally look like using traditional hangers but then

with this contraption, it gives you a slot to hang each of these shirts

individually into so far it actually takes up about three times the space the

the only reason this exists though is for you to then be able to take that hook

off oh that saves you a ton of horizontal space let me explain so when

you unhook the storage solution the compression of the hanging device

reduces the cubic volume of air between each shirt by a factor of 3.5 the

Garments Do Now Rest 20 Lower

TOP 10 VIRAL Tiktok Gadgets!

garments do now rest 20 lower so they take up more vertical space but it means

that the overall volume of the shirts in storage is scaled down to less than a

half of what they originally began with or in other words nine out of ten some

of my favorite home finds lately oh that's cool it's like a vertical waffle

maker that's quite a good idea so this is like a cocktail glass that constantly

stirs your drinks and then keeps telling you the next thing you have to put in it

does seem like a cool way to make a cocktail does the fact that it's

constantly mixing actually helps you with something oh this is really doing it.

4.   Cocktail Mixing

me anything involving brightly colored cocktails Sonia to get a glass you get a

base it feels a little bit cheap and cheerful but I'm enjoying it and then

here's what the tick-tock was really excited about it comes with an app that

tells you exactly what to put in to make the drinks you want to make so you find

a drink you like the look of and you click Craft of course Bluetooth

connection issues to my glass this is how you know it's 20 23. so it says

Place Glass it's spinning so it's telling me poor lemonade until the

coaster turns green it's filling up on the side It is actually so cool and

that's changed to add ginger ale it is a little sad-looking it's not like you

actually need to stir lemonade on it so if we follow the recipe pouring

How I Describe it

complete remove the glass and enjoy tastes like lemonade and ginger ale

caressed with a stirrer is probably how I describe it to be fair it is mixed

well there's no sign of Separation but I just don't see myself using this okay

so look what you're doing with that flower buddy soda can pump are you

pumping air back into it I swear that's not how it works looks like he's giving

the can CPR and I have to say nothing

5.    Drink

about the packaging or the appearance of this thing inspires confidence right so

this is not what I thought it was it's not designed to be able to pump Fizz

back into your flat drink it's just designed to stop your drink from going flat

in the first place so we all know that as soon as you've opened a can or a

Fizzy Drink

bottle of fizzy drink you just need to leave it for like a couple of days and

all the fizziness just disappears so the base ring snaps onto the can you close

the pump cap it's actually created a proper seal last and then the idea is

that by pressing this pump down we're drawing all the last bits of air that

are in the can out of the can it's basically created a tiny vacuum at the

top which stops further carbon dioxide from inside the drink from leaving we

will come back to this in three days to see if it's worked okay it's been

exactly three days since I put this in the fridge I was a reassuring pop

and it's still completely fizzy congratulations Tick Tock is it some

kind of slicer you stick whatever you're slicing inside and you just bring the blade down wow and it's sliced.

6.Zip Slicer

cautiously optimistic about this one I think the perfectionist inside of me is

relishing the idea of perfectly sliced veggies every single time it's very

exciting so we Chuck some small vegetables in I guess this is just going

to go down and slice them because it feels like some sort of medieval torture

device I definitely slice uh um so the way this is going to work is if you manage to get a vegetable that perfectly fills the inner chamber then this will completely cut it right down the middle but because in reality that's never really going to happen most of the

time you're going to end up with slices that look a bit more like that potentially saves you a little bit of time though so six out of 10. wait it says milk dispenser why is your milk

green whoa so this gadget converts apparently AAA batteries into double a

batteries okay.

7.    AAA TO AA

they come in a bag okay genuine real-life situation where I wanted to boot up

my Game Boy Color but I could not find any double batteries at all in the

house but in theory, these cases should allow me to use privilege oh they feel

really nice and high-quality flat under the battery goes into the flat end of the

case and likewise for the top that could not be simpler to understand

time to slip it in okay so they perfectly fit in the space made four

double a battery and yes it really does work so I guess makes the

The first 10 out of 10 do everything you want it to do right we're past the one

million view Mark now so it's like a Bluetooth speaker but it attaches to

your shower head and then when water comes through it spins a turbine which

charges the speaker it can track water usage and tell you the temperature I mean if

Thanks To The Internet

that lives up to what the video is saying that would be an instant recommendation Now videos like this really make you realize the variety of stuff that exists now thanks to the internet well this is cool it's something that actually does look like a capable piece

of equipment which I guess you'd expect it's 120 this thing is such a beast but

to be fair it does still leave space to hold your handle let's see if it's affected the shower pressure so we are having a little bit of drip edge down here at the bottom but to be

fair most of the water pressure is preserved check this out it shows you the temperature of the water at any given time and I don't know what I'm going to do with this information but it does also tell you your estimated flow rate what does party mode do it's not

the crispiest most accurate sound ever but it's very very Punchy and makes you want

to dance in the Shell but the reason to use something like this is the simple

the fact that you just don't have to think about it you would just walk into the

bathroom your phone will auto-connect via Bluetooth and it will always be

charged bubbles Spa mat that looks like a lot of options oh he's having the time

of his life yeah.

8.   Spa bubble bath manager

pretend like I'm not incredibly excited by this okay so the mat is set up it does span

the entire bath which is very nice one thing I don't like is the fact that it

does create almost like an industrial piping situation he's got this massive

pipe which then has to plug into the bubble-generating machine over here

which in itself has to plug into the minions oh my God it is so loud I mean

imagine you're having just a nice romantic night in and then you just got

that thing roaring in your corner see if it's worth it oh it's actually really really nice oh I

9 out of 10

I kind of like it I feel relaxed just standing in it oh if it wasn't for this

noise I would genuinely give this a 9 out of 10 but you're just not going

to be able to relax with the sound of someone vacuuming right next to your

face believing this one is the best Amazon purchase of my life okay massive onion

can't contact with a normal knife so the veggie chop comes in right okay so you

load up the onions oh you crank it by hand that looks like a nightmare to

clean I do love automating tasks why does it seem like such an as seen on

daytime TV kind of product I felt slightly let down by the slicer from

earlier I'm hoping this is the solution and then the top of this slicer

basically connects to the lid of the container like an Allen key another

feeling when you feel like you're about to get satisfaction

time is now oh my God that actually works so well I didn't want to believe but easy nine

out of ten, we have just destroyed that Apple but Apple is currently destroying

Us in subscriber count so I set it as a mission for us to overtake them and if

we do I will personally build the largest most powerful iPhone myself so

Over 3 Million Views

sub to the channel would be its optimal over 3 million views for

the nasal irrigation system so this is meant to flush your sinuses I guess well

he does not look happy I feel like I'm watching an exorcism you got his

kids hand on his shoulder like they're there it's okay Dad poor guy it's like a

concerned dog in the corner as well is this meant to make me want to do this I

mean after that demo.


least excited I've ever been to test a product I really can't express how

unexcited I am for this is nasal rinse mix oh to be fair it says the content of sodium

chloride so basically this is salt I can't believe all of this is going up my

nose oh oh so the salt is there as an antiseptic to clean the insides of your sinuses then I

guess the idea is that this is going to spray water at high pressure to

clear everything out oh that feels horrible wow that's the initial surprise it's uh

starting to feel quite Pleasant my nose feels so clear I have allergies

all the time so my nose is constantly half-blocked but feels like my first

clear breath in a very long time I might actually voluntarily use this again

eight out of ten oh it's like a self-heating cooking pot you can cook

Watching Netflix

while in bed watching Netflix I can't tell if this is genius or really really

That's dumb I guess they're trying to frame this as the no need to leave your bed

any more cooking solutions which I'd be lying if I said I wasn't fascinated to

experience being able to film videos in bed is great so one very immediate red flag

this is not even long enough to reach your floor Bombay bad boy what a flavor

I feel like I'm back at University again had some hot sauce and I guess I just

water is okay so the heater is really powerful but if anything that actually

concerns me slightly more the outside is all plastic though so you don't feel how

hot it actually is okay here's the thing this product does do exactly what it

says on the tip but why would you want to do that why do you want to cook

something at 200 degrees C on your lap you still need to leave your bed to go

get Cutlery you still need to go get water from the tap at that point why not

just go cook it downstairs and then bring it up like it's definitely getting

really hot this will cook whatever you put inside of it oh it smells so good

especially after the nasal irrigation I mean look at me right now this is not a

scene that should exist three out of ten we're at five million views now wait this person's putting some sort of very puree into the tunnel that then gets released into the

face mask that can't be it there's got to be a next step here what does that do

it looks very cursed man

10.  Face Mask Machine

need to get the bath jacuzzi and the cocktail mixer all together that is

one hell of a night in all right let's pretend this isn't something straight

out of your worst nightmare so that slips under the air so I spent the last

five minutes pureeing an old fruit salad into this there are so many instructions

so the water logo is flashing which means 60 mL of water in there if it

actually beeps to tell you when to stop okay 20 ml of juice and now I meant to add

it's what I'm actually about to experience pills off Tick Tock oh it does actually

say warning do not eat this is not food very satisfying you can see that it's in

the process of making the mask so let's come back to it when it's done right the

laziest thing I've ever ordered from Amazon it definitely is a trend here

short video remote controller I know what this is gonna do if you wear it as

a ring for the entire purpose of this device is just being able to wirelessly

scroll your feeds I kind of hate that this exists but we are where we are you

know with this thing what scares me.

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