Top 10 Mind blowing facts about real world 2022

We are living in the world of facts and figures. Where everything is getting updated and discovered that seems to be unbelievable at first. It could vary from technology to science and nature.

Therefore, today we are going to discuss some of the best and mind-blowing facts about the real world.  These facts are too surprising that you have never tried it and never imagined.



One of the cleverest animals among others, monkey, follows a self-quarantine if any of their partners fell ill. According to animal behavior analysts, they think that doing this would prevent them from getting ill and this is by nature.




The statue of liberty is famous in the world for its beauty and craftsmanship. But do you know that if you take a closer look at the foot of the statue the middle finger of the statue is bigger than the thumb? This shows that you are lucky and this is the sign of beauty in ancient times.




The human body is very special of its kind. We can adapt to different environments and temperatures just because of our special sales. These are called human thermometers that can share the temperature if one gets colder or hot.  




Sharks can travel more than anything in this universe. They are skilled enough to travel hundreds of miles and can even travel from one corner of the sea to another corner. But the reason behind their traveling is not identified yet.




Human brains carry many complexities which are still not discovered. Some of these complexities are memory saving and the limit of it. But do you know that the human brain saves different things in two parts of the brain? The left one can store whatever he studies, and the right one stores the accidents and crises he faced.




Kantki is the only city in the world that was showered with meat! Seems a white lie but it's true. In 1876, it was meat raining in the whole city for some time and there were meat pieces all around. No one knows the reason behind it but it happened and threatened the whole city. Some people started considering it as a stroke of bad luck and crisis coming from God.




We all think that Sun is the hottest among all the stars and planets in our galaxy. But do you know that the electricity that shines at night can be 5X warmer than the surface of the sun? That is why when it strikes on earth, it causes devastation.




We all know that boiling water is quite simple. What is needed is to increase the water temperature up to 100 Celsius degrees. But what do you think that if you need to boil water in a snowy area? Does it need more high temperature? No, it can boil at even 71-degree Celsius at the highest of Mount Everest. There is no logical prove but it’s reality.




As I mentioned above, the human body is very special and made of many complex cells. We often buy a 1Tb storage in a hard form that is costly and bigger in size. But do you know that one gram of human DNA can store up to 700 Tera bite of space in it?




We mostly use Almonds for enhancing our memory and strengthening our eye site. But do you know that how much Almonds need water to grow? Let me explain it to you. A half kg of Almonds can take up to 7600 liters of water. This water couldn’t be observed from these Almonds but it was all spent on making Almond oil.  




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