Tire recycling ideas, Best DIY Designs to make from Tires

When the invention of the wheel came into the market, people were highly pleased that now they didn't need to travel at their own feet. But they never bothered that every coming innovation may bring about some devastations for them.

With the passage of time, the wheel started developing from a thin circular shape to different sized tires. These tires were prepared of different materials, including rubber. However, these varying types of tires make it best for user comfort. But it caused an environmental disturbance at a more considerable level.

If we burn these tires, it will create some of the worst elements for human health, causing many fatal diseases. I don't know how the factories would also be recycling it. But with a prepared tire, anything for recycling can cause damage to the environment except DIY.

In such a developed century, we all have a car at our home. These cars demand to change their tires once a year. These tires shouldn’t be burned or spoiled.

Thus, today we will look for some DIY Ideas to prepare some engaging and eye-catching designs for tires. Let’s have a look at these designs;


1)      DIY Tire Dog bed

As the forests are reducing due to extreme cutting and usage of wood for furniture. Therefore, buying a dog bed made of wood these days is not easier. Also, it costs a lot to buy a plastic one that may get broken if you have a naughty dog.

Artist Turns Old Tires Into Dog Beds For Stray | Dog bed, Diy dog stuff, Dog  playground

Now what to do with the dusty tires? No worries, just give them a bath with detergent and polish them with a spray painter in pink, Orange or any bolder colour.

Now place a soft cushion inside it and write your dog’s name over it. Congrats! Your dog bed is ready to use.


2)      Mini plants planter

If you are a fan of DIY hacks for life, you will surely know that DIY hacks bring colours to your life. So now, here you might be thinking about why I mentioned this sentence.

Basically, your garden is a place of greenery and refreshment for you. Unfortunately, making it mind touching demands extra costs and many efforts, but with this DIY mini-plants planter idea, no need to put effort.

Pin by Linda Rogers on Garden | Tire planters, Planter boxes flowers,  Outdoor planters

Just bring a spray painter of green colour or your garden theme. Paint it overtires by laying them down. Now put some clay in them and plant your mini flowers and other items that add look to your house.


3)      DIY Rubber tire swing

Swings are the most favourite of children. Even I sometimes go to the park and enjoy swings there. It makes me remember my childhood.

But if you have a family of many children, you should bring some creativity to make them engaged at home rather than visiting parks daily.

What you need for a DIY rubber tire swing is a tire, hanging hooks, a piece of metal to make holes in the tire and a cushion.

19 Ways to Make Tire Swings with DIY Instructions

Now utilize these items wisely by making some holes in the tire in all directions. Now make the string pass all the holes and move upside by hanging it to the roof with hooks.

Paint your tires with white colour and now place a cushion over it. Congrats! Here are the cheapest children swing.


4)      Coffee table DIY design

The most expensive thing these days is buying furniture primarily that also covers a piece of glass. If I make it clear here, I’m talking about the coffee table.

A little table even can cost you more than 100$ depending on the quality you buy.  But why spend on wooden coffee tables when you already have spare tires at home.

My tire and rope coffee table is DONE! I LOVE the way this came out. It's  just as awesome as the $600+ abaca coffee… | Diy ottoman, Diy home decor,  Cheap home decor

Leverage those tires, clean them and cover them with sisal rope rounds.  You can use other cotton strings to make a cover. You can also place wooden feet if you want to increase their height.

This table would be lightweight and won't get damaged or broken until you tear it out yourself. Thus, go with these cheap DIY coffee table designs rather than buying expensive tables.


5)      Making tire clock design

The best among all our DIY designs is making a tire clock design. This design is basically a clock prepared with a tire frame around it.

Keep in mind that it is not an actual clock. We are just using cardboard and drawing digits over it. Use two plastic needles and stick them with a hardboard with a glue stick.

38 Easy DIY Recycle Old Tire Furniture Projects for Home Decor | Tire  furniture, Bike room, Dirt bike room

Now put this cardboard inside the tire of one side. Add some sticky glue with a gun and leave it to cease ideally. Once it is soaked, congrats the classy tire DIY clock is ready to place on your lawn. It would add a look to your home with design, engaging colour design.


Final words;

These are some of the best DIY ideas that could be utilized to bring back your tires in use instead of burning them or wasting them. These designs could only be applied if you watch the relevant videos carefully and perform inside videos.



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