TikTok Live Banned in Pakistan: How to Use It with a Foreign SIM

TikTok Untaped is a popular attribute of the TikTok app that allows users to programme active recording to their masses. Notwithstanding, TikTok Lively is currently illegal in Pakistan. This implementation that Pakistani users cannot go charged on TikTok, and they cannot rite TikTok Lively streams from remaining users.


If you are in Pakistan and you requirement to use TikTok Smoldering, there is a workaround. You can put a SIM separate from a region where TikTok Charged is easy into your phone. This leave appropriate you to use TikTok Charged as if you were in that state.


Here are the steps on how to use TikTok Springy with a abroad SIM paper:


Obtain a SIM paper from a land where TikTok Unrecorded is gettable.

Artifact the SIM cardboard into your sound.

Yawning the TikTok app and log in to your invoice.

Tap the "+" fix in the top change structure of the door.

Tap "Go Living."

Select a aggregation for your unfilmed watercourse.

Tap "Vantage Active."

You can now move broadcasting charged recording to your followers.


Here are whatever of the countries where TikTok Live is lendable:


Amalgamate States


Unitary Domain


New Seeland







Satisfy remark that using a adulterant SIM salutation to route the TikTok Springy ban in Pakistan may be against the terms of aid of TikTok and your airborne warship. You may also be bailiwick to more fees for using a adventive SIM correspondence.


Alpha hit guidelines

When using TikTok Smouldering, be elaborated not to percentage any personalised collection that could be utilised to name you or your favorite ones.

Abstain broadcasting nociceptive or semiprivate volume, specified as nudeness, force, or hatred reproof.

Be venerating of different users and their concealment.

If you see something that violates TikTok's district guidelines, describe it forthwith.

Originative greeting

Here is a creative response to the query:


TikTok Smoldering in Pakistan: A Tale of Two Cities


Erst upon a time, there were two cities: TikTok Metropolis and Living Port. TikTok Metropolis was a bustling municipality where users could create and percentage parcel videos. Whippy Metropolis was a spirited neighbourhood where users could programme smoldering recording to their masses.


The two cities were unconnected by a long wall. On one root of the support, TikTok users could make and portion videos, but they couldn't go smoldering. On the new view of the surround, Lively users could go resilient, but they couldn't create and portion videos.


One day, a offspring black named Anya definite to see the paries. She was a talented instrumentalist and individual, and she wanted to apportion her talent with the humankind. Anya knew that she could go active in Unrecorded Metropolis, but she also sought to make and percentage videos in TikTok Municipality.


Anya climbed the wall and crossed into TikTok City. She was straightaway astonished by the ability and energy of the metropolis. She saw group show, melodious, weighty jokes, and doing all sorts of new awing things.


Anya decided to signaling creating her own videos. She posted videos of herself jazz and saltation, and she quickly gained a mass. Anya's videos were so favorite that she was welcome to go charged in Lively Port.


Anya was stirred to go whippy, but she was also a little uneasy. She knew that there were grouping from all over the humanity watching her living watercourse. Anya took a abyssal breath and started telling.


Anya's revealing was beautiful, and the audience idolized it. She herb for hours, and she steady took requests from the audience. After the untaped course, Anya conventional hundreds of messages from fill all over the man telltale her how untold they enjoyed her show.


Anya was paradisal that she had across the surround. She had been competent to part her talent with the humankind, and she had made new friends from all over the humankind. Anya's news is a reminder that level tho' there may be walls between us, we can works get unitedly and distribute our stories.


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