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WhatsApp has swiftly become the world's most popular communication programme, including over billions of daily active users. That's a quick, easy, as well as efficient method for friends and relatives to talk, transmit and receive records, and have personal, safe dialogues anywhere at time during the day or night.


  • Work continues to enhance the last scene possibility of WhatsApp

Work is currently to stay WhatsApp's last scene possibility hidden from specific contacts.


According to the foreign wire service, the team of developers and Beta data has expressed that WhatsApp is functioning on some necessary options in its application. WhatsApp is functioning to stay the Last Scene possibility hidden from bound contacts. At the instant, WhatsApp's Last Scene possibility is either hidden from all contacts or visible to everybody.


This feature can further enhance the privacy of WhatsApp. Some users of the Last Scene possibility are presently undergoing beta testing. However, there's no official word from WhatsApp.



WhatsApp, the popular electronic communication app, is introducing 2 new options for the desktop version. In keeping with WhatsApp Beta data, the new options enable users to simply manage decision notifications victimisation of the app on the desktop.

The first feature is said to be "New decision Notification" and "Turn off all desktop incoming decisions" which helps the user to regulate the choice of call notification. Is concerning info.


In addition, the corporate has set to mend the failings within the feature of deleting mistakenly sent messages from alternative windows within WhatsApp.


WhatsApp has long had a feature for deleting accidentally sent messages from alternative people's windows, however, one amongst the drawbacks of this feature referred to as Delete for each One is that if the sent message isn't deleted in a restricted time, then there's no profit.


WhatsApp decides to enhance the electronic communication feature WhatsApp sender has concerning one hour to delete this message however the corporate has currently set to mend this issue.


According to WhatsApp's website that keeps track of updates, the cut-off date for Delete for each One within the electronic communication app is being extended. The report states that a replacement feature is being tested within the new beta version of the automaton app.


This feature eliminates the cut-off date for deleting messages, which means users are ready to delete messages that are months recent from alternative people's chat windows.


  • The easiest thanks to keeping WhatsApp chat secret


If you wish to keep your WhatsApp conversations secret, a simple thanks to trying this is provided by WhatsApp itself to its users.


According to The Sun, WhatsApp contains a feature that almost all folks aren't awake to. during this feature, you'll be able to place your fingerprint or face lock on your WhatsApp so that notwithstanding your phone falls into the hands of somebody else, it'll be yours. could not open WhatsApp.


This feature of WhatsApp is obtainable for each iOS and automaton user. To activate this feature, automaton users got to head to Settings, Accounts then Privacy possibility.


There you may see the Fingerprint Lock possibility, flip it on from here and make sure your fingerprint. at the moment you'll be able to additionally set the temporal order of the lock to envision however long it'll consider the lock to lock mechanically once WhatsApp is open.


IOS users additionally head to Settings, Account then Privacy, here at the top you may see the screen lock possibility, by reaching to it you'll be able to use 'Touch ID' or 'Face ID' to access WhatsApp. you'll be able to opt to lock.


It'll additionally rely upon your iPhone model. you'll be able to put off this feature at any time on automaton or iOS.


The great  convenience feature of WhatsApp:


WhatsApp keeps introducing new options to its users which offer convenience to the users.


The company is functioning on these new options once the buyer trend is wanting in this direction.


Keeping this demand in mind, WhatsApp has further a replacement feature for its users.

But these days we are going to tell you a few features of WhatsApp, that only a few users are awake to or use.


A new feature introduced by WhatsApp permits users to send messages to themselves.


According to reports, users UN agencies produce the primary bar account on WhatsApp send a take a look at the message to somebody when the procedure is completed or many of us try this to see the net affiliation.


But with the new feature of WhatsApp, the user is additionally ready to message himself.


To use this feature, you wish to save lots of your mobile variety then search and send a message thereto.


You open a web browser on your mobile and sort “” within the address bar, after that you'll be able to send a message to your variety.


Customers living outside Pakistan will send a message by getting into the mobile variety in conjunction with their country's phone code.


WhatsApp is prepared to get rid of your favourite feature



WhatsApp is one of the most important electronic communication platforms in the world.


WhatsApp has created changes to its existing options keeping in mind the convenience of the users however this point WhatsApp is thinking of removing your favourite feature.

A report free during this regard states that such a feature ought to be introduced by WhatsApp this can take away the unlimited storage possibility for WhatsApp backups held on Google Drive.


By removing the unlimited storage possibility, users are given the choice of MB200 in Google Drive.

Keep in mind that this feature is within the method of being developed and can be introduced shortly as a future update of WhatsApp.


The news of restricted storage arranged in the mobile app for users is taken into account unhealthy for WhatsApp users because the technique of saving WhatsApp chat backup in Google Drive is taken into account to be the simplest and best means.


How to save WhatsApp chat backups in Google Drive is taken into account to be the simplest and best way.


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