During the 1970 general elections, a PPP spokesperson published a picture on the front page of the newspaper, which shocked the actress in the movie "Anura", a popular song. Sunway Bilori akh waliye was dancing in the newspaper. 


The newspaper skillfully pasted the face of the actress Naghma on Maulana Maududi's face. At that time, technology was not as prevalent as it is today. People had a lot of fun wherever they saw Jamaat-e-Islami workers or Maulvis. Most of the posts circulating are said to be fake. 


This forgery has created many problems in society. In simple words, it would not be out of place to call it a punishment of technology even though every human being is different from others. You can't be who I am, but by deep faking the image, sound, and video, the "I" and "you" distinction is blurred. The idea is that only experts will do this work. No, you don't need much skill anymore. 


Access to computers and the internet is enough to make deep fake videos. The term DeepFax was coined in late 2017 to refer to "Reddit's username" from DeepFax. He and others started sharing their deep-fried creations in the "Reddit community" on the Internet. In them, the faces of movie stars were glued to other bodies. 


In the process, fake pornographic videos are also made. This was also the case in the days when images were made with "negatives", but DeepFake has the support of new and powerful techniques, so it works more precisely. Machine learning is a sub-branch of artificial intelligence that is used to create deep-faked videos and adapt visual and audio content in such a way that it becomes extremely difficult to distinguish between the original and the copy. 



In recent times, especially in the West, Deep Fake has attracted attention due to its use in movie stars, pornographic films, fake news, rumours and financial fraud. It is also affecting politics because anything can come out of the mouth of a political leader or a famous person. 


Abraham Lincoln's head was placed on someone's torso in the 1860s, one of the earliest examples of pictorial manipulation. A photo was taken of Lenin speaking on stage and two other leaders of the Russian Revolution, Leon Trotsky and Leo Kamenev standing side by side. After Lenin's death, Joseph Stalin tightened his grip on power, removing Trotsky and Kamenev from the path, as well as altering the two leaders in official photographs. It doesn't even happen. This manipulation was for political purposes and many other examples of this can be found in Soviet history.   



In the field of journalism, even the slightest alteration of images is considered flawed. For example, the well-known magazine National Geographic published two Egyptian pyramids on its cover in 1982 in which they were shown closer to reality. The picture was slightly altered. This was criticized and the organization issued a statement not to do so again. 


In the twentieth century, technology evolved rapidly, digital videos were introduced, and then DeepFake technology became popular. Initially born in educational institutions. Since then, non-professionals and amateurs in online communities have taken an interest in it and pushed it forward. Work on it is now being done on an industrial scale.


Video right, the first program to automatically change the movement of words with words, was released in 1997. In it, the mouth of a speaker in a video can move according to the sound of another audio. Thus, machine learning techniques have made it possible to change the movement of the lips and facial expressions and link between them. 


"The Synthetic Sizing Obama project was a link in that chain, in which Barack Obama was shown speaking to the sound of another audio, making the distinction between genuine and artificial speech virtually impossible to detect." Done.



A few years ago, through the "Fees 2 Fees" program, one person's facial expressions in video footage were replaced by another person's impressions, and this was done live. In 2018, researchers at the University of California, Berkeley announced an artificial dance app that allows anyone to learn and use artificial intelligence to create a video that shows them as expert dancers. With this project, the deep fake spread from the face to the whole body. 


Previously, the focus was on the head or facial expressions. In the same year, a desktop application called "Fake App" was released. This made it easier to stick one face on the other. "From a technical standpoint

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