The sun is moving constantly in a proper way through space at a speed of 600 miles each second. Alongside it


 The sun is moving constantly in a proper way through space at a speed of 600 miles each second.

Alongside it, the guard of 9 planets, 27 moons and 1 lakh shooting stars is moving at a similar speed. It has never happened that somebody went to the pursuit accidentally or something occurred unintentionally. All are heading out in a different direction as per their own plan.


Regardless of whether there are words however there is no administrator, there is a fashioner, yet not an originator, there is a regulation, yet not a master of the law, there is a control, yet not a regulator. There is a mishap. What will you say?



Two times every day,

the moon mixes the trillions of lots of sea water 300 and 70,000 miles from the islands to give a perfect proportion of air for the animals that occupy them. Oxygen is being controlled, the water is becoming more clear. Taifan isn't brought into the world in this. The cleaning of the seaside region is being completed and the trash ought to be washed away in profound water.

No, yet ocean water is drunk in a specific sum. For no less than three billion years, a reasonable equilibrium has been kept up with so enormous and little oceanic creatures can undoubtedly swim in it and discard their bodies in the afterlife. They don't have freshwater or saline water. Additionally seven are quite a large number. There are additionally freshwater seas beneath the surface that are blended in with open freshwater seas. There is an undetectable cloak between every one of them.


What is the rationale behind this amazing framework? Who keeps up with this equilibrium?

Was it the water's own thinking or the moon's choice?


Quite a while back, when present day science didn't exist. There was no everyday schedule in the desert nation of Arabia, a man said about the sun and the moon that:

Every one of them are attached to one record. " وائشمس والإقمر بحسبانۥ "

(Sura 5:5)


With respect to profundity of the sea,

"Benhama Barzakh La Yabeghain"

Between them is a boundary that is monitored." (Surat al-Rahman: 20)


At the point when the star hangs in its place, it is known as a light and says "Wakl per Flick Ysbahoon".

That is, every one of the bolts are in their circles (Surah Yasin: 40).


At the point when the Sun is imagined as fixed it says:

"Walshams Tjiri Lamstaqrila" signifies the sun is continuously moving towards an accidental objective on the way set for it. (Surah Yasin: 38)


At the point when the universe is alluded to as a decent sky (Chhat) it is said:

"Waana لموسوون".

(Surah Al-Dhariyaat: 47)


He makes sense of about plant and creature life that the premise of every one of them is water.


Albert Einstein is known as the pioneer behind current science for his disclosure that "force regulations are irreversible," however he anticipated significantly sooner.

"Matri Fi Khalq Al-Rahman Min Taqwat" You won't track down any distinction in that frame of mind of Rahman?

(Surah Al-Mulk: 3)


Quite a while back with these pleased revelations of current science, which college did you study from?

Who used to work at Freedom?


Who really focuses on the infant?

At the point when you are eager, pause and cause to notice yourself. Who propels the mother to save the kid despite each risk? A typical bird is contrasted with the lord, who gave it? Chickens begin strolling when they emerge from the egg, creatures grip to the mother's side for milk without learning, they realize this?

Who in the creature world loves to place food in their noses and into their kids' mouths?

Where did he get familiar with these habits of life?


Honey is removed from each bloom in the far cabinet garden with most extreme genuineness and gathered in the hive. One of them, similar to a specialist researcher, realizes that a few blossoms are noxious, they don't go close to them. A skilled specialist likewise knows the specialty of isolating honey and wax. At the point when it is hot, to keep the honey from liquefying and taking off, they likewise cool it by running a fan with the development of their feet. are conceived Great many individuals work in such an orderly manner that there is no model. In every one of them there is such a profound framework that they go the distance however remember their direction home. Who showed them this lifestyle?

Who gave them this brain?


The mackerel makes such a web for getting prey with mouth even present day material specialists can't make such a fine weave.


House subterranean insects (Insect) gather nourishment for the colder time of year in summer, construct houses for their young, live in an association where all administration standards are shockingly corporate.


Fish residing in cool water lay their eggs huge number of miles from their home in warm water, however the hatchlings are youthful and live in their own home. They show up.


The existence pattern of plants is no less intriguing. How do microorganisms and microbes figure out how to get by?

Who showed them life?

Who showed them these standards of social administration?


Is the earth so canny?

It likewise naturally settled the arrangement of constantly, consequently shifted on its pivot - 67 1/2 degrees with the goal that the seasons change over time, in some cases spring, in some cases summer, in some cases winter and in some cases fall. ﮞ to k Occupants approach a wide range of vegetables, foods grown from the ground consistently.


Did the actual earth lay out areas of strength for a south attractive framework inside itself?

Because of this impact, the power in the mists transforms the nitrogen in the air into nitrous oxide (Nitrous Oxide) and gets ready regular manures for the plants on the land through downpour. Submarine ) and the planes in the air tracked down their direction with the assistance of this magnet. Destructive beams from the sky slam into this attraction and are redirected so earthly animals are safeguarded from their lethal impacts and life proceeds.


The earth, the sun, the air, the air, and the sea have organized along with the sea, so the intensity of the sun leads to water fume, and the transports up lots of water. What's more, brought to the field, radio particles from the stars. Gather the water in the cup to shape a drop and afterward channel the water. Downpours for inundating dry fields.


At the point when water is scant in winter, it gathers as snow stores on the mountains. In summer, when more water is required, it doesn't soften and streams back to the ocean as streams, flooding the fields.


An impeccably adjusted framework that floods all that and nothing goes to squander.


Is this likewise a star? Did you contemplate the connection between the air and the earth?


Our Pancreas doesn't permit a specific measure of sugar to ascend in the blood, the heart siphon keeps on siphoning blood with a normal development of 80 times each moment without fix in a 75-year-previous lifestyle. The bar is hard.


Our kidneys (Kidneys) are a special and astonishing processing plant of cleaning that knows how to take what is valuable for the body in the blood and toss out the waste.


Stomach is an astounding synthetic complex that isolates nurturing parts from food like proteins, starches, and so on.


This magnum opus of designing in the human body, this extraordinary example of science, this superb processing plant in the stomach from the little, did they generally turn into something similar?


Who made the cerebrum?

Encased in a hard shell of hard circle, it floats in water as a fortune of knowledge, a store of data, a focal point of orders, a wellspring of correspondence among man and his current circumstance, a PC that man has made. I actually don't comprehend the style and configuration Found, made by human hands and brains notwithstanding a large number of endeavors. No supercomputer could in fact arrive at a 10th of it.


Each person is an assortment of cells.

So little they don't come without the guide of a magnifying instrument, yet they all know what to do. Each cell of an individual has cognizance and is a finished character in its own reality. Our whole writing computer programs is written in these qualities and life moves consequently as per this program. The entire arrangement of our life, our character, our insight, our motivation has previously been composed on these cells.

Who owns this programming?


Creatures or plants, their whole outline is encased inside their seed, which one is the diagram?


A cell, which is challenging to see even with a magnifying lens, turns into areas of strength for a, and insightful person. Who owns this creation?

Who helped us to move the lips, tongue, and sense of taste in a state of harmony?


Who delivers the different insightful sounds from these developments?

Who gives importance to these sounds?

Who is the maker of millions of words and large number of dialects?

. . . . La ilaha illa Allah.!!!

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