“The Rock” denies the use of real guns on the stage

The most popular American actor and our favorite wrestler Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” said that the actors shouldn’t use real guns on the stage.

He denied using any real gun while shooting his any film. As recently an actor Alec Baldwin killed a cinematographer unknowingly.

About a month ago a film was shooting on its regular tenure. The leading character Alec Baldwin was shooting and practicing for his scene in the movie Rust. Then unknowingly the gun fired a bullet that killed Halyna Hutchins.

Alec Baldwin's 2017 Tweet on 'To Wrongfully Kill Someone' Goes Viral

As during the shooting of this movie, Alec was not satisfied to use a gun in the movie. His assistant director said that it is no harm to use a real gun as it is going to be common.

By advancing in his interview, Dwyane Johnson said that many productions houses are operating without any concern for safety from guns. But this incident was really sadistic for me.

He said I can’t guarantee that all the studios and production houses would prohibit the use of guns from now. But what he can do is to announce that my production house wouldn’t use real guns from now.


We can still shoot action scenes with rubber guns and no greed to dollars. This interview was given by him when he was promoting his upcoming Netflix series the Red Notice.

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