The people of Orakzai District are very culturally rich people.

Absolutely, the people of Orakzai District possess a

Pashtuns Culture

Orakzai Natural Beauty 

culturally rich heritage, deeply rooted in Pashtun traditions. Their adherence to the Pashtunwali code, vibrant traditional clothing, music, dance, and a strong sense of community contribute to the cultural richness of the region. The Pashtun tribal system and the significance of Pashto language further reflect the distinct cultural identity of the people in Orakzai. This cultural richness not only shapes their daily lives but also adds to the diversity of Pakistan's cultural tapestry.

District Orakzai,

situated in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan, has a rich cultural heritage. The culture of Orakzai is deeply rooted in Pashtun traditions and customs. Here are some aspects of District Orakzai's culture:

Pashtunwali Code:

The Pashtunwali code,

a traditional way of life for the Pashtun people, is a significant part of Orakzai culture. It includes principles like hospitality, loyalty, and justice.

Traditional Clothing:

The people of Orakzai typically wear traditional Pashtun clothing, including the kameez (long tunic), shalwar (baggy trousers), and a turban or cap for men, while women often wear colorful dresses.

Music and Dance:

Pashto music and dance are integral to Orakzai culture. Attan, a traditional Pashtun dance, is commonly performed at celebrations and gatherings.

Social Structure: The Pashtun tribal system plays a crucial role in the social structure of Orakzai. Tribes and extended families maintain a strong sense of unity and solidarity.


Pashto is the primary language spoken in District Orakzai. It is an important part of the cultural identity, and traditional poetry (Pashto poetry) holds cultural significance.

Celebrations and Festivals:

Orakzai residents celebrate various Pashtun festivals, including Eid and traditional events like Jirgas (council meetings) where community matters are discussed.


Tourism. In Orakzai district 'important tourists' sites are Kalaya, Samana, Gulistan Fort, Feroz Khel, Zaira, Landok, Manawar and Khalwat. Samana, Gulistan Fort, Kalaya and Zaira are the recommended potential tourist sites in Orakzai.

Orakzai valley has huge potential for tourism because of its climate, terrain, greenery, high peaks, natural springs, rivers, caves, fruits & vegetables and densely forest covered hills.

Due to worst Law & Order situation and poor communication infrastructure tourism could not be flourished in Orakzai.


Samana is a hill station which is 6762 feet above the sea level.

Samana receive huge amount of snow and rains.

Large number of tourists from down districts visited Samana during summer & snow fall.

Old structure Hotel of Dist Govt hardly accommodate a small %age tourists.

There are also three Historic Forts at Samana (Sanger, Gulistan, Lockhart Fort) which has great attractions for tourists.

Tourists Resort at Samana is approved in ADP with cost of 55 million.

Samana can attract large number of tourists from KP and even from other provinces if developed.


Sampog hill is the most famous picnic point of Orakzai with high and green hills caps.

A project amounting Rs. 75 million of tourists resort and public park at Sampog is in progress.

Sampog top has been visited by huge number of local and near by down Districts tourists. It can also attract more tourists from other parts of country if properly developed.

Most beautiful valleys of Dabori, Anjghali, Sheikhan and Esakhel are situated on left and right of sampog Point.


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