Dr. Safdar Mehmood writes in one of his books that undoubtedly the greatest reality of life is death. But this fact is shrouded in secrecy. Of course, if the city ever passes through silence and the inhabitants get a chance to read the books, then new aspects of the reality of death come to mind. At that time it is realized that life is temporary but the world If everything is temporary, then many intoxicated deer become stunned by this feeling. Many dreams start to falter and the way of thinking starts to change. The Creator of the universe has created life in such a way that this feeling or perception is also momentary. It appears and then man, as usual, becomes preoccupied with the affairs of the world, as if he were to live until the Day of Resurrection. As death is for others, not for him. That is why Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq used to say: Remember man. If a person remembers him, he may not be a victim of arrogance, pride and lust, nor may he commit murder, nor may he injure others with the sword of his tongue, nor may he dare to deprive anyone of his rights. That is why it is said to remember death so that all the intoxicants of life become deer, whether intoxicated with power, intoxicated with wealth or fame or intoxicated with beauty.



He further writes that the book of life was open in front of me and I was lost in myself while looking at the pictures in the album of memories. There were many faces in these pictures because there was a deep friendship with someone, there was a colleague in the service, there was a good acquaintance with someone Someone was shining at the highest point of fame and popularity in life, someone's poetry, someone's prose, someone's knowledge, someone's intellect, someone's sarcastic voice, someone's Hassan, there were four hundred rumors about someone's scholarly books and speeches. Some were great industrialists, some were great sportsmen, some were politicians and some were great speakers of their time, but today all of them are sleeping under the dust. They carried him on their shoulders and came down to the grave, where wealth, fame, knowledge, power, authority, beauty and even nothing is of any use, except goodness. His names are also known because he was our contemporary. After a while, time will also become unfamiliar with their names. It is strange that a few gentlemen who were senior to me in the service but were acquainted with them, also got the news of their death from this book. This is life. At one time we get together, we meet every day, but then life is so fragmented that it is not known who patched the dust.



In the autumn, the green leaves turn yellow and dry and fall from the twigs and become part of the "whip". Lust and running people do not know who fell where. When life is unstable, pity falls on the pharaohs who sit on the throne of power or decorate Qarun's treasury in their bank account or They trample or injure others on the strength of their fame and intelligence. My life is full of countless incidents and accidents. We have been influencing life. In short, life is not a tangled string. It is a straight and simple path, on which man walks. There are ups and downs, stumbling, falling, recovery, ups and downs. Unexpected troubles and unexpected rewards. I consider this path of life as the highway of destiny on which some decisions are made by man and some decisions are made by nature.



One day he was talking to someone and he asked him Has anyone ever said that death is the name of entering from the finite to the infinite. Death is real and is the destiny of every living soul. No one can defeat it, except true love ... True love with the eyes. Even if it disappears, it lives with the light of devotion in the hearts, so the Hour will live as if it accepts death and defeats death. This is the identity of true love, therefore the shrines of true lovers live day and night and constantly. They keep on giving the message that love is the real eternal reality, it cannot be killed by death.


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