Suzuki Bolan with AC functionality is all set to be launched this year!

Suzuki Bolan is the most demanding model in cabins in Pakistan. There are already different cabins in use and working perfectly with their engine performance and load bear ability.


But the lack of air conditioning was tiring people to use it for long routes usage. Especially in summer, it becomes challenging to ride in Bolan. This is why many people who own it install a fan by their own amendments in the interior.


This time, your headache is about to wind up with new surprising news. The Suzuki officials announced that Suzuki Bolan would now be available with air-conditioned for a comfortable ride.


This news amazed people and everyone is now eagerly waiting for this model. The price of this model is 1265000 which is an increment of 87000 from the older model price.

Suzuki Bolan Relaunch - The AC Variant Is Returning in 2022

But this price is worth it because of some changes in interior and AC placement. There is no strong evidence of showroom availability of this model. However, one can book it in advance to buy from outside. It may take two to three months for delivery and you can drive your own Suzuki Bolan Ac model.


This innovation in Bolan is not a newer step. This company once a few years ago launched Bolan with ac bu it failed in the market. The issues were overheating engine clogging and other issues. This cabin comes with an 800CC engine which is not enough to deal with AC services.


So, there are different controversies and people are making discourses over this model. There are possible chances that there would be some amendments in this model to make AC work. But for that, we all have to wait for official availability in Pakistan. 

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