Surprising marriage of 6 girls with 6 cousin boys!!

The customs of marriage in south Asian countries are very unique. They always bother casts and relatives when they think of marrying their children.


This is why these old customs cause suicide among youth and is continued till today. Though the city areas have changed their thoughts even in many parts of village and cities, people believe on marrying their children in relatives or same cast.


The consequences of these marriages mostly come in a brutal way. Some couples separate from each other which also causes separation in families. And some faces medical disturbance in childbirth.


But even after these cases, a piece of news suddenly ruled over social media where 6 sisters are going to marry their 6 cousins. All of the boys and girls are brother and sister to each other.

Six Sister`s unique collective marriage with Six Brothers in Multan | PRO  IQRA NEWS

When they were asked about their marriage, the boys replied it was a love marriage. But the girl was thinking about getting marrying in a single-family is good.


Their parents said that it is the best thing to prevent over expenses and have a larger family. That is why they married their children.


But most people say that if they come to face first cousin medical issue, their life won’t be simpler.



Also, if you think that this marriage is a good step toward saving families and their expenses. Do comment and share it with your friends.  

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