Stop neglecting your sleep

People's attitude towards sleep

Many people are referring to it as death's cousin. We live in a culture that screams, "STAY AWAKE or be caught sleeping!" To sleep implies that you will miss something, or you are not focused, or that you are not paying attention. Even taking naps is considered lazy. Commonly these sentences seem to hear "Who goes to bed in the mid of the day? You are not a child." There's the notion that you don't have time for sleep or that you simply can not afford to sleep.

Cultural trend about sleep:

People try to rid themselves of sleep, even though it is a requirement of life. Sleep deprivation is sometimes used as an act of resistance. Sleep deprivation can put a strain on your mental and physical health, which can be dangerous after.

lack of proper sleep can cause cramps, anxiety, and even depression. To think that sometimes our lack of sleep is our fault and that we will explain this self-inflicted punishment. Believing that by adopting these necessary hours of rest, we will achieve success. Culture insists on you the need to continue to work, try to press, and start to move because awakening struggle pays off, but suppose what?

"Sleep is a requirement, not a luxury."

Sleeping does agewise:

Sleep is a requirement, not a luxury, and to be your actual self, you must rest. You can adapt to a time of rest by managing your living, professional life, household, and other necessary pursuits, but the lack of sleep eventually catches up with you. The National Sleep Foundation suggests 7-nine hours of sleep for adults aged 25 to 65, but 6-10 hours of sleep may also be sufficient. The same advice is given to young adults aged 18 to 25.

Sometimes we are already aware of our thoughts. Oh, we are not able to sleep for that long, or we don't require that much rest. Sometimes we want to go to bed. A moment in my life when I feel that I will do a crime if I go to take rest by sleeping few hours. This routine never turned my life into positivity. Anxiety, mood swings, and depression were becoming an essential part of me. I was mentally exhausted. After a long drastic period, I finally figure out how to get back my rest period.

Tips to manage your sleeping hours:

Some tips and tricks I recommend to you, these tips and tricks work a lot in my case to make my life balanced, hope so you will also get benefited. 

Created a schedule for yourself. 

You should set up a routine for yourself and try to follow it. Firstly you have to produce a list of the tasks or obligations that you needed to complete each day. Of course, there were moments when you had to be careful not to overburden yourself with commitments. You must not be hard on yourself if you didn't finish a task. You tried your best to make the most of your time by calling people during breaks or looking up information online that you required for other assignments. By checking off the things you accomplished during the day, you could show progress.  

Hot Yoga Investment 

We all know that engaging in physical activity encourages the release of feel-good endorphins; hence, you have to follow a workout regimen, but by adding hot yoga, you will maximize the advantages. After every session, you will feel so calm. Will not only your level of stress go down but your blood pressure will also be changed significantly. you will get a detox-like feeling of renewal, which helped you to get ready for bed.

 After nine o'clock at night, just hung up your phone on silent mode. 

If you have a natural talent for talking to people. Sometimes, phone conversations with friends and family can go on for hours. They are quite entertaining, but depending on the subject that night, they occasionally can be too stimulating. Anyway, you have to decide to turn your phone to quiet to avoid being too tense to go to sleep. It will keep you compelled to stop to check your emails, answering the phone, or using any other social media.

Got ready for bed and prepare your bedroom environment: 

It's similar to how a hotel bed with plush pillows and a cozy blanket makes you feel when you check-in. Those beds are amazing and gorgeous. At home, you should create a similar atmosphere. You make your bed, including the pillows. Your bed must be is inviting, soft, smooth, and cozy. Please took the television out of your room. Although it may have been extreme for you, it created the right conditions for sleeping. 

I am in no way a sleep expert but I am an advocate of sleep. There are some medications you can perform or take to promote sleep. Although it is sometimes essential to sacrifice sleep to conquer a goal, I suggest you find some type of balance because sleep is a requirement... Think about it!



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