Steel Racks Vs Wooden Racks, which one is best to buy

Shops and Stores are increasing with a huge ratio in the current years. As the population is increasing, people are getting more attentive toward shopping and eating.

The daily usable are ending like a fire to dry wood. This is why the business of retail stores is increasing. So, for all my readers who are about to start their new shop or store, here I am writing a guide.

The basic thing which you need while starting a shop is the display. As you have heard, one who seems attractive sells out. So, you might need shelves or racks that can display your products in your shops.

 These shelves or racks are made of two quality materials, one is steel and the other is wooden. Though both of the materials carry their own pros and cons up to business-level, let see which suits the most;

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1)      Shifting and adjustment

Mostly in a shop, you may make your initial setup and place your items on shelves. But what about the relocation? Suppose the items that need much attention should be placed on the front side or sidewalk. So for all your alteration purposes, buying steel racks is best.

Steel racks are lighter in weight can lift up the same weight capacity that one wooden shelve or rack can. But the only thing that distinguishes steel from wood is shifting ease and adjustment. At any time in life, you can replace these racks from one location to another location easily.


2)      Costs

The second thing is costs, a steel rack or shelve may cost you higher than a wooden rack that you prepare even customized.  Because steel racks are prepared in the factory and it costs a lot from labor to machine works.

But the wooden racks don’t cost you much as a single man can prepare your design in your shop. The whole process would be going in front of you except you go one day and pay for the racks that are prepared.  So, in sense of costs, wooden racks are cheaper to buy.


3)      Longevity

When it comes to longevity, the best to choose is steel. You might be thinking that steel can also get rusted. But good quality steel used in most racks and shelves can last up to 20 years.

While on the other hand, wooden shelves and racks last only for five to eight years. As wood may get infected with pests or damaged by hot and cold weather. Many conditions apply to wooden racks.

Steel racks are also possible to paint and mold easily. Even they are manufactured and paired in sections and patches. They could be jointed easily and open in small parts to replace.

But for wooden racks and shelves, they couldn’t be modified and neither replaced in tiny pieces. Also, the paint on a wooden shelf is more costly than a steel rack.


4)      Breaking

As we all know that steel racks can bend but not break. Even they don’t bend if you place the weight for described quantity. A standard steel rack can lift up to 50 kg of weight.

Though wooden racks can lift more weight than steel racks it depends on their joints. This is why steel racks don’t break even if they are weighed more than the prescribed quantity.

But if you put more weight on a wooden rack, it may get broken and the whole design would be distorted from its shape. This means that you need to repair it and make a new joint which would be more weaken the original one.




I personally conducted research on buying racks and racks manufacturing industries. But the conclusion of my research and analysis is that buying steel racks always worth it. As you can sell them even if you closed your shop permanently. But selling wooden racks may become hard especially when you have prepared these racks customized to your shop. So buy steel racks from a reputed company and save long term than thinking for the moment expenditures.

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